Check out this gorgeously restored Fiat 1100 [Video]

There are many car and bike enthusiasts in our country who have collection of sportsbikes and luxury cars in their garage. Then there are other set of car nuts who are madly in love with the classic cars or bikes and have a collection of those. Here in this article we would be talking about one such person who has a collection of restored classic cars in his garage. He has number of classic Fiat cars and here we have a video that shows his gorgeously modified Fiat 1100 select sedan.

The video has been uploaded by Dajish P on his Youtube channel. The video starts by showing the interior of the car first. The car shown in the video is a 1961 made in Italy Fiat Select 1100 sedan.  The interior has been completely redone. The steering wheel gets a thin rimmed steering wheel and a horn ring inside the steering wheel which was an accessory that came with the car when it was on sale. There is even a Fiat logo in the centre of the steering wheel which denotes that this model was imported from Italy. Indian version used to get PAL badging. Behind the steering wheel there is cast iron unit which has all the assembly for different switches.

The odometer of the car is all original and gets ribbon type speedometer and gets toggle switches for wiper, indicator and light. The interior of the car has been completely restored and is made to look like the way it used to look back in the day. The owner of this car also tells on video that this car even comes with features like cruise control and is still searching for some particular part to restore that function. The dashboard, steering, roof, seats and all the elements on the inside are restored and look great.

Check out this gorgeously restored Fiat 1100 [Video]

Coming outside, owner has given the car shade of blue to give it a retro feel. The headlamps, indicator get an aluminium ring around them. The bumper is all aluminium and the front grille has also been buffed to bring back the shine of the front grille. The beading, door handles, tail lights and even the even the wheel caps with Fiat badging on them are all restored. The Fiat 1100 select as the name suggests used to come with a 1100-cc petrol that was commonly seen on most of the Fiat cars of that era.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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