Restored Tata Sumo MUV with customised interior looks beautiful [Video]

Tata Sumo is an iconic vehicle and it has a special place in India’s automobile history. The Sumo was initially launched in 1994 and quickly became popular among buyers. The manufacturer was able to sell around 1 lakh units of Sumo in just three years. Tata Sumo was popular among customers for its spacious cabin and no nonsense design. Over the years Tata brought changes to the Sumo before discontinuing it from the market due to stringent emission norms and safety norms. Althought the MUV is not available in the market anymore, there are many car owners who are still using it. Here we have one such Tata Sumo owner who got his old MUV completely restored.

The video has been shared by Autorounders who worked on this particular Tata Sumo. The Sumo was not in great condition, when it arrived at the workshop. The car was defenitely old and had rust issues. The owner of the Sumo had many memories with the vehicle and that was one of the reason, why could not let go off the vehicle. At the workshop, the work on the Sumo started by removing all the panels like the front grille, headlamps, bumper and tail lamps. Over the years, the car had several dents and sratches on it and many panels had started rusting too.

The workshop started fixing the dents using a dent puller machine. While some of them were working on the dents, others were checking on the rust issues. Some of the metal panels on the body and the flor had rusted away. This was fixed by welding a new piece of metal after removing the rusted portion. Once the rusted panels were all fixed along with the dents, a thin coat of putty was applied on the Sumo. The excess putty was later removed using a sander and this gave the car a very even look. Once the putty was applied and sanded, top half of the car got a dark colour primer sprayed on to it.

Restored Tata Sumo MUV with customised interior looks beautiful [Video]

After discussion with the owner, it was decided that the car will be finished in dual-tone. The top half of the Sumo would be painted in sparkiling black while the lower half would get a silver shade. The Sumo was then taken to the paint booth and was completely painted in Black and Silver dual-tone shade. The paint booth helps them achieve a very even look to the car and thus making it look like a brand new vehicle. Once the car was out of the paint booth, the work for the interiors started. The car had stock seats with fabric seat covers on them. The headlamps, tail lamps and the front grille were all replaced with a later versions of Tata Sumo.

The dashboard and the seats were all removed and custom seat cover with armrest for front two passengers. The second row seats remain bench type but, they also come with custom seat covers. The roof liner and the pillars were all wrapped in black soft touch material. The roof gets galaxy starlight in them and there are ambient lights installed on the dashboard and doors. The dashboard and steering are all painted black and it also gets an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system and alloy wheels. The finished product looks extremely neat and the workshop gave this iconic MUV a new lease of life.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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