Restoring a completely smashed 2012 model Mahindra Bolero [Video]

Mahindra Bolero is one of the oldest model from manufacturer that is still in production. Mahindra has made necessary changes over the years to keep up with the changing emission and safety norms. We currently have the Mahindra Bolero in BS6 avatar. Mahindra Bolero is a purely utilitarian vehicle and is still popular among buyers in rural areas of our country. Here we have a video where a 2012 model Mahindra that was completely damaged in an accident was completely restored to look like a 2021 BS6 version.

The video has been uploaded by Nitesh Motor Body on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger shows the complete process on how a completely smashed Mahindra Bolero was neatly restored. Vlogger starts by explaining what actually had happened to the car. He mentions that the car was involved in a major accident. The occupants were all safe however the car was completely damaged. The car was then brought to the garage and has been here in the garage for some time.

The owner now wanted the car to be restored and that is when the vlogger and his team started working on it. The front end of the Bolero was completely damaged in the accident and so were the bonnet and the roof. They pushed the Bolero to the working station and started working on it. They start by removing the damaged roof on the Bolero. The pillars which had got damaged in the accident were also repaired. Replacing the whole shell of the Bolero would have increased the cost of this work and it looks like the owner did not wanted that.

Restoring a completely smashed 2012 model Mahindra Bolero [Video]

The pillars were mended and the dents on the body panels were all corrected. The seats, dashboard and roof liners were all removed from the car. The front doors were damaged in the accident so they were also removed. The front fenders were removed and the bumpers too. Once they removed all the damaged parts and corrected all the dents, they started applying putty on the body panels to achieve an even look. A new roof, front fender, show grille of a BS6 Mahindra Bolero, headlamps, bonnet and bumper were installed. The whole body was aligned using multiple jacks after installing the new roof.

All these panels were made to fit perfectly and after these panels were installed in place, a coat of primer was sprayed on to the car. The garage decide to give Pearl White shade to the Bolero which is a shade that is offered with Scorpio. The After applying the base coat, a coat of pearl was sprayed on the car and a layer of clear coat was applied to give a glossy even look. After this, stickers that are seen on the side profile of the car were installed and similarly, the spare wheel cover, grille, and plastic panels on the body were also painted. Meanwhile, interiors were restored as well. The dashboard was cleaned and repaired. The seats got new seat covers. The finished product was looking extremely good and it does not look like a 2012 mode Bolero form any angle.

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