During the Auto Expo we came across some interesting gizmos, and one of them was the Revolo hybrid solution, that promised to turn any car, petrol or diesel, into an electric hybrid.

Intrigued? We were too and decided to check out how the system works. The Revolo system, from KPIT Cummins, is a parallel hybrid solution. What it does is connect an electric motor in parallel with your engine. The electric motor runs off a stack of batteries that are charged by plugging into a household electric socket. The motor provides “boost” to the regular petrol or diesel engine, reducing the effort of the engine. In effect, it claims to increase “in-city” mileage by about 35% (and this is apparently ARAI certified).

For more on how this works, watch our video:


  1. Hey if this works as suggested..then this is a really innovative solution. This should get more coverage..why hasnt there been enough hue and cry about it? Can you guys at cartorq do a test installation on this and test a regular car?

  2. @ Jeetendra – we met them at Auto Expo. It is from a pretty big company, KPIT Cummins. We are trying to organise a test of this, but may take time. We are very curious too about how it works.

  3. @Jeetendra, this solution has been awarded the Wall Street Journal Innovation Award, Knowledge@Wharton innovation award, ET Zigwheel’s Automotive Idea of the Year Award, NASSCOM Promising Innovation of the Year award, Indian Semiconductor Association’s technovation award, Parivartan Sustainability award, and has also been featured in World Economic Forum’s publication ‘Trailblazers, Shapers and Innovators’.

  4. Thanks Babychen and Charuta..pretty impressive. And great of you to highlight this innovation..I havent seen this on any site yet..

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