Revolt RV400 electric bike exhaust note on video: Better than regular bikes?

Revolt Motors unveiled its first electric bike in India yesterday. The launching of the bike will be finally done next month but bookings will commence by 25th of June, 2019. The Gurgaon-based electric two-wheeler startup showcased the RV400 bike which is India’s first electric motorcycle along with being the first AI enabled two-wheeler in the country too. Initially, the bike will be offered in Delhi NCR while the network will be expanded to different cities in India later on. One of the major complaints about EVs that enthusiasts have is about their exhaust note as they are completely silent. Revolt, however, has taken care of that and has equipped the bike with artificial exhaust notes. Take a look at the video below by JS Films to know how it sounds like.

As seen in the video, the Revolt RV400 lends out quite an aggressive exhaust note. But the story doesn’t end here as the bike comes with as many as 4 different types of sound profiles. These can be switched from a mobile application. In case you don’t want to announce your arrival, you can turn of the exhaust note completely at the flick of a switch. The RV400 is India’s first AI-enabled, LTE-connected motorcycle and will run a 4G SIM to enable these functions. It gets a fully digital instrument console along with several other smart features yo boast.

Design wise, the bike looks quite impressive with a muscular tan section and sporty rear end design. Instead of conventional chain setup, Revolt has decided to go for the belt drive type power delivery on the RV400. It uses a bolt-on subframe and gets LED lighting all around. Suspension duties are taken care of by USD fork up front and monoshock at the rear. It gets disc brakes on both ends along with blacked out alloys. Talking about the power source here, the motor and batteries will be imported for the bike while the Battery Management System (BMS) and the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) have been designed in-house.

Revolt RV400 electric bike exhaust note on video: Better than regular bikes?

An interesting feature it will come with is the battery swap system, which will help solve the range management issue to some extent. The Revolt e-bike has a top speed that is limited to 85kph and an ARAI-certified range of 156 km. The battery can be charged in four different ways as per the convenience of the rider. It can be directly plugged into a wall plug or the battery can be taken out to get it charged. Also, the manufacturer will open small kiosks all over the cities where the batteries can be swapped for a full-charged battery. Also, one can call and get the battery delivered to the location.

All the features are controlled through a mobile app. The bike is connected to the phone through the Bluetooth and various features including the artificial sound of the bike can be changed through it directly.