RICH Indian buys 20 crore car, paints it with moondust costlier than a BMW

Many of us accessorize a new car immediately after buying it. Actually, it’s really not a bad idea to use some accessories to give your car a slightly more premium look. Mostly, these accessories don’t cost a bomb and when used wisely, can help your car look better than the non-accessorized models. But what if we tell you that Florida-based Kris Sing, a businessman who owns an Aston Martin Valkyrie worth Rs 20 crores, has painted his car with a special paint that costs as much as a luxury sedan from BMW! No, we’re really not kidding. Read on to know more.

Wait! What?

Believe it or not, Kris Singh has painted his car with real moondust! As per the calculations by Jalopnik, the moondust brought to Earth by the Apollo space mission is valued at about 50,000 USD per gram. At this price, painting an Aston Martin Valkyrie completely with moondust would cost north of Rs 25 crore. However, buying/selling moondust bought by the Apollo space mission is illegal. Hence, the only other way to obtain moondust is from the chunks of the moon that very occasionally drop on the Earth. As per, the lunar meteorites cost at least $1,000 per gram. Even by very conservative estimates, it would have cost Kris at least 85,000 USD (over Rs. 58 lakh) to source the required moondust from these meteorites.

Basically, a paint shop prepared a special paint by mixing pulverized lunar material into the Lunar Red paint. The Aston Martin was then painted in the bespoke Karosserie Lunar Red colour. Even if you consider the lower estimate, Kris has spent almost the same money that one requires to buy an entry-level model of BMW 5-Series in India. CRAZY, right?


The Aston Martin Valkyrie is a hypercar, which, at 1,030 kgs, weighs almost the same as a B2-segment hatchback. The lightweight is courtesy of the extensive use of carbon fibre. Powering this hypercar is a race-ready Cosworth-sourced 6.5-litre V12 motor with KERS that outputs a whopping 1,130 bhp. And yes, this engine is a naturally aspirated unit. Basically, this car can make a Bugatti Veyron or even a Bugatti Chiron look rather ordinary in comparison.

News Source – Jalopnik