Ride home Triumph superbikes now and pay after 3 months: Here’s how it works

The Triumph brand has a legendary status in the world of motorcycles. Even the present-day range of the brand consists of many modern-classics that represent the rich history of the brand. In an effort to push sales, Triumph is offering an exciting offer on its modern-classic range of bikes.

How does it work?

Ride home Triumph superbikes now and pay after 3 months: Here’s how it works

The new offer allows customers to take home a brand new modern-classic bike and start paying the EMIs after three months. The offer is valid throughout India and all the Triumph stores. There are six bikes available under the scheme which are Street Twin, Bonneville T100, Street Scrambler, Bonneville T120, Bonneville Bobber, Thruxton 1200 and Bonneville Speedmaster.

Triumph is offering a loan amount of up to Rs. 8 lakhs. The customer can pay only the down payment and take the bike home. The monthly installments (EMI) start three months after the month of buying. For example, if someone buys a new motorcycle under the scheme in June, the first EMI will start from September. Triumph offers an interest rate of 9.4% and one can choose a tenure of either 3 years or 5 years depending on the loan amount and the EMI. This is a limited time offer but Triumph has not mentioned an expiry date.

It is a first-of-its-kind scheme from a premium motorcycle manufacturer in India and it is expected to increase the demand for such motorcycles. All the bikes from the range are powered by either 900-cc parallel-twin engines or a 1,200-cc parallel-twin engines.

The 900-cc engine produces a maximum of 55 PS and 76 Nm while the 1,200-cc engine produces a maximum of 97 PS and 111 Nm of torque. None of the bikes get the triple-cylinder engine that is seen on many modern Triumph bikes. Triumph uses the parallel-twin engine to keep the legendary DNA of vintage Triumph motorcycles alive.

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