Rider asks Bengaluru police for proof after challan: Reply is going viral

Online challans have become very common in the metropolitan cities of the country. However, there are several occasions when motorists get the wrong challan too. This chap from Bengaluru, Karnataka thought he will use the benefit of the doubt after he received an online challan. The reply from Bengaluru Police is going viral on the Internet.

Rider asks Bengaluru police for proof after challan: Reply is going viral

In the tweet, the owner of the scooter tags Bengaluru Police and Bengaluru Traffic Police to ask his doubt. He says that there is no proper evidence of him not wearing a helmet. He also asks the police to provide proper evidence or cancel the challan. In the same tweet, he also claims that he has been issued a wrong challan before and that he will not pay the fine till he gets to see proper proof.

The owner also added a picture of the challan. In reply, Bengaluru Police simply uploaded the uncropped picture of the incident that clearly shows the rider without a helmet. The police had earlier cropped the picture to clearly show the registration number to the owner. After the reply from the Bengaluru Police, the owner deleted his tweet.

Reacting to the reply from Bangalore Police, Twitter is going berserk. Many users are complementing Bangalore Traffic Police for the reply. The owner, however, has not replied to anything. We do believe that this would have served as ample evidence for the owner. The owner has now deleted the tweet.

You can challenge online challans in court

Rider asks Bengaluru police for proof after challan: Reply is going viral

With the digitalisation of challans, the police have identified that many simply avoid paying challans online. the arrival of digital challan systems, the cops are much more vigilant nowadays. Most metropolitan cities now have a network of CCTV that is closely monitored by a team of police personnel. The police issue a challan based on the violation by tracking the registration number.

There are now high-resolution cameras on the roads that can capture detailed images of the violation. Most online challans only have space for a single picture, which can create confusion. Digital challans can also go wrong. There are many who use fake registrations to avoid such challans. You can challenge such challans in court and get them cancelled.

However, in India, fake registrations are illegal and are a criminal offence. When such vehicles are caught by police officers during routine checkpoints, they can be jailed and the vehicles are seized.

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