Rider teaches curious cop how to get onto the massive Triumph Tiger 800 [Video]

On Indian roads, it is quite a common sight to see a cop stopping a vehicle for some sort of rule violation. One section of people who are always targeted by cops are superbikers as they and their bikes don’t go unnoticed in a crowd because of the loud exhaust. There are number of incidents where cops have issued fines for various reasons. As in any other case, there are exceptions here too. Some cops just stop the bikes out of curiosity so that they can see and feel what the bike actually looks and feels like. Some have even taken the bikes for a spin too. Here we have one such video where a rider can be seen teaching a cop on how to get on an adventure tourer motorcycle.

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The video has been shard by iamautomotivecrazer on Instagram. The video shows a cop slowly walking towards the bike and asking more about it. The owner of the bike explains that it a Triumph Tiger 800 and is an adventure touring motorcycle. The owner even tells the cop that it is a triple cylinder motorcycle. The cop then comes closer to the motorcycle and starts discussing more about it. He was curious about the motorcycle and asks about how does one manage to get on it.

The main reason why he asked that was Tiger 800 in comparison to regular motorcycle has a high seating position and getting on to ride is different from regular motorcycle. The rider shows how it is done. The bike is parked using the side stand and the rider simply stands on the foot rest and puts his right leg over the seat to the other side. This is the exact technique that everyone needs to use to get onto a massive adventure motorcycle like the Triumph Tiger or say the BMW GS 1200.

Rider teaches curious cop how to get onto the massive Triumph Tiger 800 [Video]

The cop then asks does this action actually affect the life of side stand. The rider then says that, this is the right way of getting on an adventure motorcycle and the side stands are sturdy to take the weight. The cop even gets on the motorcycle using the same technique. The video doesn’t show whether the cop took it for a ride or not. The cops were very cooperative and did not disturb the biker and left the place so that rider can continue shooting the motorcycle.

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