Rider does the ‘donuts’ stunt on a 330 Kg Harley-Davidson Fatboy [Video]

Harley-Davidson bikes are not very stunt-friendly because of their extremely heavy weight. However, with control, any heavy bike can be made to do stunts and here is a live example. Seen in the video is a Harley-Davidson Fatboy that weighs a massive 330 kg and is handled by Ranjan Balhara.

What is happening?

The slow-motion video shows a Harley-Davidson Fatboy doing a doughnut stunt. The biker can be seen sliding the rear wheel while turning it into a circle in the video. It requires massive control of the bike as its weight is tilted on one side. The rider can be seen stabilising the bike with the support of one leg while doing the stunt, however, the bike is mostly controlled by the handlebar angle and the accelerator input.

The Harley-Davidson completes a full doughnut and exits the scene while still sliding the rear wheel. Due to the extremely high low-end torque of the Harley Davidson Fatboy, sliding the wheel is not a difficult job but keeping the slide in control requires great skills. The long-distance touring bike is not made to do such stunts anyway and we will rarely see a Harley-Davidson doing such stunts.

The Harley-Davidson Fatboy is imported as a fully CBU (Completely Built Unit) product and is made in the Harley-Davidson factory in the USA. The bike is powered by a massive 1,585cc V-Twin engine that generates a maximum torque of 132 Nm. Harley-Davidson officially does not reveal the power figures of any of their products. It gets a 6-speed gearbox and is known for its long-distance capabilities. The massive Fatboy is very comfortable to ride and can munch on large distances without tiring the rider.

Even though the bike is extremely heavy, the practice of precision of the rider keeps it in control. This can be done on any powerful bike with an experienced rider. However, one should always be safe and be in a private space while doing stunts.

Always practice safe stunting

Just like the video shows, one should always wear all the gears while practising or doing stunts. Anything unpredictable can cause a major accident and hurt the rider. Also, it is illegal and highly unsafe to do such stunts on public roads. Anything wrong can hurt the other road users and can cause fatal injuries.