Rider & woman pillion die after policeman pulls out key from moving bike

Motorcycles users vastly outnumber the car users in the country. Cops often target motorcycle riders and pull them over to check documents (though it’s illegal to do so). One of the most common habits of the Indian cops is to pull out the key of the motorcycle while stopping the riders. A similar action by a policeman in Vizag caused the loss of two previous lives. Here’s what happened.

Police pulling out key from motorcycle

There is no law in India that allows cops to pull out the key from the motorcycle yet this is the common practice across the length and breadth of the country. At a regular police check post stationed at the Auto Nagar, Vishakapatnam, a cop tried stopping a motorcycle by using the similar “key pull out” method.


The police stopped a couple riding on the motorcycle and took out the key from the moving motorcycle. The rider panicked and lost control which caused the woman to fall from the motorcycle. The woman fell under an oil tanker, and the rear tyre of the tanker mowed down the woman’s head which caused instant death.

The rider was also severely injured by the truck and later succumbed to his injuries. According to the eyewitnesses, the rider was wearing a helmet while the woman was not. The cop jumped suddenly in front of the motorcycle and took out the key, which caused the bike to go off balance, resulting in the tragic consequences.

The aftermath

Onlookers who saw the incident were agitated by the way cops acted. A huge mob gathered and thrashed the cops who were present at the check post. The roads were jammed for hours to come. There is no report that suggests that any action has been taken against the cops. Also, it is not known if any complaint has been filed against the cops who were present at the post.

Is this the correct way to stop?

If you take the keys out of a moving vehicle, the engine cuts off immediately, and engine braking takes over. It is very difficult to control a vehicle, especially a motorcycle under this condition. If the brakes are applied without your knowledge, a similar effect can be seen.

Even though the cops all over India use this method, it is highly dangerous. If a cop ever stops you in this way, you can and should file a case against them given how dangerous such a move is.

What to do in such situations?

It may sound ironical but if you see a police check post ahead, follow these steps to be safe.

  • Slow down; cops do not become aggressive if you slow down while approaching a check post.
  • If the cop takes out the key from the motorcycle, immediately pull the clutch. It will keep your motorcycle in motion.
  • Park on the side of the road while showing the documents.
  • Always know to rules of showing documents. For example, no one below Sub Inspector can check your documents or challan you more than Rs. 100.
  • Moreover, cops cannot stop you to check documents as a Supreme Court order has clearly asked them to refrain from doing so. You can show the cops the Supreme Court order in case you get flagged down.