Riderless TVS Apache ghost bike is the craziest thing we’ve seen on Indian roads yet

Do ghosts exist? Well, the answer to this this is something that depends on whom you asking this question. For now though, here’s some very interesting CCTV footage shared by a Facebook page that discusses paranormal activity. Here, watch it for yourself.

Watch the blue Apache bike carefully!

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As the video indicates, there’s a blue TVS Apache that goes past a cab – riderless – on a busy Kolkata street. The time – as indicated on the CCTV – is about 11:55 PM, on the 16th of January 2018. From the looks of it, the spotting of the riderless Apache happens at a busy place in Kolkata, right next to a fuel station, where there are plenty of vehicles refueling. No explanation about the riderless motorcycle has come forth. It could be some clever video trickery (editing out the rider), or even someone pulling off a stunt. Worse, it could be that the rider has fallen off the motorcycle, which continues to ride on. With the limited footage though, there’s no way to know.

Update: A Cartoq reader writes in…

This incident actually happened in Barrackpore near Kolkata. What exactly happened was the rider & the bike met with an accident due to which the rider was flung off the bike and the situation was such that the bike continued to move due to the momentum. The CCTV video was examined by the authorities and this was one of the conclusions apart from the assumption of the presence of a ghost.

In the past, such ghost motorcycle/car videos have turned out to clever pranks, or accidents. In fact, we did carry a similar story a few months ago, where a Toyota Etios surprised a lot of bystanders in Delhi as it seemed driverless. However, in that case, the driver was hiding in a ‘seat-disguise’. In the latest ‘ghost-bike’ video though, the Apache seems to be riding on its own accord. We can only wonder how some one’s balancing the motorcycle assuming that it’s indeed a riderless one. As for ghosts, we’ll let you decide on what’s happening here.

As for self-balancing motorcycle technology, it does exist. Honda even showed a concept at the CES 2017. Even BMW has shown such a concept in the past. So clearly, such ‘ghost bikes’ are actually possible and may even be available at your local motorcycle showroom in the future. But to see it play out on an Indian road, on a TVS Apache is obviously something that’s takes us all by surprise.