Riding a MASSIVE Honda GoldWing on Indian roads: What the 35 lakh rupee superbike feels like [Video]

It would not be wrong to call Honda GoldWing motorcycle an ultimate cruising machine. The motorcycle boasts of features that we have seen on some of the high end luxury cars. The GoldWing is known for providing utmost comfort and much on miles after miles without tiring the rider. Here we have one such video that shows what does it feel like riding a Honda GoldWing cruiser motorcycle on the Indian roads.

The video has been uploaded by Bulu Patnaik on his youtube channel. The video starts by showing a group of three bikers coming to a stop in between their ride. The group is riding bikes like Honda Africa Twin adventure tourer motorcycle, Ducati Scrambler and a Honda GoldWing cruiser motorcycle. The vlogger was on Africa Twin and had not ridden the GoldWing till now.

At the stop, vlogger asks rider on the GoldWing if they can swap the motorcycle and let him ride the GoldWing. They agree and then the vlogger asks him to take the big, burly motorcycle to the highway and then switch the bikes as he was not confident of maneuvering it in the crowd. The bikers later switch the bikes on the highway and as soon as he sits on the motorcycle he is excited by the sheer width of the front and also excited by the features and buttons on the handle bar and panel in front of him. The bike comes with a feature where in the rider can adjust the height of the suspension electronically.

Riding a MASSIVE Honda GoldWing on Indian roads: What the 35 lakh rupee superbike feels like [Video]

The vlogger starts riding and is blown away instantly by way Honda GoldWing rides. It cocoons the rider in utmost comfort provides maximum support to the back of the rider. The rider was impressed with the way how the bike handled triple digit speeds. There is no windblast at all.

The exhaust note is also pretty sweet. The superbike is powered by a horizontally-opposed, liquid cooled, six-cylinder engine 1,833 cc engine that generates 126 PS of power and 170 Nm of peak torque. This cruiser motorcycle is so huge that it comes with a dedicated reverse gear. Honda GoldWing competes with motorcycles like Harley Davidson Street Glide and Indian Roadmaster. The motorcycle is pitched as a much more refined and comfortable alternative to traditional cruiser motorcycle, which can be vibey and cumbersome to ride. The Goldwing has a slew of creature comforts, and is is the most expensive motorcycle that Honda sells in India.

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