Girls Riding Royal Enfield Bullet In High Heels And Bare Feet Literally Throw Safety To the Wind [Video]

girls riding bullet without helmet

Riding a Royal Enfield Bullet is already considered a difficult task because of its weight and its powerful engine. However, riding it with high heels adds a whole other layer of complexity and danger to the equation. Recently, a video has been shared online in which two girls wearing one-piece dresses and heels were seen riding a Royal Enfield Bullet on a main road. Both of these girls were neither wearing a helmet nor any other safety gear, and they were riding this motorcycle at a high speed. All of this was done to make a viral reel and become popular on social media.

Girl Rides Bullet with Heels

The video of these two girls riding a Royal Enfield Bullet on the road at high speed has been shared on Instagram by Kannu Meena on their page. The girl riding the Bullet in the video is a social media influencer and has amassed over 14.3 lakh followers on Instagram. In this particular video, she was wearing a black dress with heels and was riding a Royal Enfield Bullet. She was accompanied by her friend who was wearing a golden dress, and she was barefoot. The pillion also had a small bouquet in her hands.

Girls Riding Royal Enfield Bullet In High Heels And Bare Feet Literally Throw Safety To the Wind [Video]

As can be seen in the video, neither of the girls were wearing a helmet or any other safety gear. And despite this, the girl at the front was riding the bike at a high speed on a main road. She was also seen making a gesture of shooting a pistol while riding the bike.

Most likely, this video was captured by her friends who must have been riding another bike or car at the same speed on the main city road. Currently, the exact location where this video was shot has not been revealed.

Action Taken by Authorities

Girls Riding Royal Enfield Bullet In High Heels And Bare Feet Literally Throw Safety To the Wind [Video]

At the moment, there has been no action taken against this social media influencer for sharing this video. However, most likely if an inquiry were to happen, she would get a fine for not following traffic rules and not wearing a helmet. From the video, it is difficult to see the number plate of the Royal Enfield Bullet used in the video. However, police authorities can identify the influencer and can still fine her.

Not the First Incident

This is not the first time a female influencer has been caught doing something dangerous because of reels. Back in March of last year, another female influencer from Patna, Bihar became famous as her video doing stunts on a highway with her Yamaha R15 sports bike went viral.

Following a thorough search, it was revealed that the girl in the video is Lovely Sahini, a biker influencer who regularly posts videos of herself recklessly driving her bike on the streets of Patna, often with friends.

In the video that went viral, Sahini and another girl who appears to be her friend were seen riding on a Yamaha R15 sports bike. In the video, she overtakes a motorcycle from the left, and after going to the right, she slows down and revs the bike a few times before popping a wheelie. The girl then aggressively turns right and zooms away. We can note that neither the girl driving the bike nor the girl sitting behind her was wearing a helmet, which just adds to the risk of life even more.