Govt launches ‘Right to Repair’ portal in India: Why all car owners should know about this

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has introduced the ‘Right To Repair’ plan, aimed at strengthening consumer rights and optimizing the repair process for electronic gadgets and automobiles in India. This act is expected to alleviate unnecessary costs and obligations imposed by car manufacturers on consumers, providing them with more control and cost-effective repair options.

Govt launches ‘Right to Repair’ portal in India: Why all car owners should know about this

To facilitate the implementation of the ‘Right To Repair’ Act, the Ministry has launched a dedicated portal, The website lists various automakers operating in India, with more being added gradually. By selecting the automaker of their product from the list, consumers can access comprehensive information regarding repair and warranty services provided by the company.

Upon clicking the product tab under the chosen automaker’s listing, users will be redirected to a new page containing details such as customer care information, service facilities, warranty coverage, authorized service centers, spare part compatibility, and terms and conditions for availing these services. Social media handles and websites of the automakers will also be listed, enabling consumers to stay informed about their latest updates.

The ‘Right To Repair’ Act is particularly important for car owners in India as it addresses instances where carmakers have charged unnecessary costs and imposed replacements that could have been avoided. By granting car buyers access to unbiased and efficient servicing options, the act aims to foster a more transparent and equitable relationship between sellers and consumers, empowering car owners with better control over their repair decisions.

Warranty intact

The new ‘Right To Repair’ initiative will allow the consumers to retain the warranty of their vehicle even if they get the vehicles repaired at an non-authorised service centres. Consumers who could not go to the local garage to get their vehicles repaired and always needed to go to the authorised service centre for small repairs and defects, will be immensely benefited from the new rule. The new rule will allow the consumers to retain their warranty even if they allow third-party non-authorised garage repairs on their vehicle.

This will allow the consumers to make savings and also make the ownership experience hassle-free. Until now, vehicles under warranty could not be repaired by the local garages or non-authorised service centres to protect the warranty cover.

Currently, Hero MotoCorp and Honda Motorcycles are enrolled under the new rule. The government is working to ensure more manufacturers enrolled under the new rule voluntarily.

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