Road broken, people create bridge on their shoulders to let Maruti Alto pass (Video)

maruti alto himachal shoulders off road

When it comes to the helping nature of Indians, it is truly unmatched. The times people have gone above and beyond to help others in need in this country are beyond count. Most recently, a similar incident took place in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. A video showing a group of people creating and supporting a makeshift bridge in the middle of a destroyed road was shared online. In the video, the men could be seen holding up a bridge to let a Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 pass. This video, showing this heart warming scene, is quickly becoming viral on the internet.

The video of the people holding up a bridge for the Alto has been shared on the popular social platform Reddit. From the video, it can be noted that a few men were standing on the side of the road with sticks, supporting a makeshift bridge on their shoulders. The bridge was created by them to help a Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 pass. In the video, other men can be seen directing the driver of the car to safely and quickly pass through this man-made bridge.

The Maruti Alto K10 driver first climbs the road before the bridge and then steers the car to the extreme left. He then, for some reason, takes the car a little back and then comes over the bridge. The men can be seen helping the driver to pass over the bridge. Men holding the bridge can also be heard shouting and talking in their local language as the car climbs on the bridge. After some tussle, the Alto driver finally clears the bridge and reaches the other side.

Road broken, people create bridge on their shoulders to let Maruti Alto pass (Video)

As mentioned, this video proves the generous and selfless nature of the people of India. No matter how scary the situation might be, sometimes people just go above and beyond to help those in need. It is to be noted that most of the time, people who help in these types of situations meet with success and enjoy the efforts. However, a few times things could not go as planned and lead to some unwanted circumstances. A few weeks ago, a situation where the desired outcome of the help from people helping was shared online. In this particular case, a few people along with a truck driver were trying to rescue a Toyota Innova from a bridge over a high-speed river in Maharashtra. But as luck would have it, their efforts went in vain as the car fell into the river.

The video of this entire unfortunate situation was shared online. In the video, a gray-colored Toyota Innova, which was stuck at one end of a bridge, was trying to be recovered by the people on the road and the driver of the vehicle. The people tried to recover the MPV with a rope attached to the truck. However, what happened was the rope halfway during the recovery broke, and the people around the car could not do anything. All of the people saw the car falling into the high-speed flowing river underneath the bridge. Fortunately, there was no one inside the vehicle.