Road rage: Angry truck driver drags car for 3 kilometres [Video]

Road rage incidents are quite common around the world. We have come across many videos on the internet related to the same. In several cases, these arguments quickly escalate into fights and people even destroy each other’s cars. We have come across many incidents where people have even pulled out guns in such road rage incidents in India. Here we have a video of a road rage incident where a truck driver who was angry with a  car driver allegedly pushed it for a few kilometres. The video of the same has surfaced online.

The video has been shared by Mihir Jha, a Twitter user. Some of the new channels have also reported this incident. It happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut district. As per the reports, The multi-axle truck had hit the car. After this happened, the car driver stopped the car and argued with the driver and asked him to drive carefully. The exact details of the conversation or the arguments are not available as of now. It is not clear whether the truck driver had also been very aggressive during the argument. It looks like the truck driver was very angry and he simply hit the car with his truck intentionally.

After hitting the car second time, he did not stop. He simply dragged the car with him. As per reports, there were around 4-5 people in the car when this happened. The car had gone sideways and the driver side was facing the bumper of the truck. The screeching noise from the tyres can be heard in the video that has surfaced online. The car seen here is a Chevrolet Beat hatchback. Due to immense pressure, some of the tyres on the car had burst and the steel rims on the car have also damaged. The truck driver dragged the car in the front for 2-3 kilometres.

The driver side of the car was completely damaged. It should be noted that the truck driver was doing this on a road where other commuters were also present. The truck driver was probably so angry that he did not even think about it. The truck and the car did crash into other vehicles on the road. In this video which has now gone viral on the internet, we can hear people shouting and asking the truck driver to stop. An auto driver is seen just behind the truck too. It finally came to a stop after it hit another vehicle. It is not clear whether the police has tracked the truck driver and has taken any action against him or not. This is not the first time, something like this has been reported from India.

Road rage is a serious issue and you never know when things would get out of hands. Always drive defensively. If someone tries to cut you off, it is better to brake and let that person go. A few seconds delay can avoid a lot of tussles. One should always remain calm while driving. It is always better to apologise than get into an argument on road. If you feel like the argument is turning into a physical fight, lock yourself in the car and call police for help.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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