Road rage, fights on camera in Aerocity after luxury cars brush against each other [Video]

Delhi Police said on Saturday that a brawl between two affluent parties broke out in Aerocity. The incident happened after one of the cars slightly touched another one. The cops have arrested two after the incident on Saturday.

According to the cops, a few people were travelling in a Mercedes-Benz sedan near the World Mark 1 side in Aerocity, Delhi. One of the cars was parked in the driveway when the Mercedes-Benz collided and an argument started in the middle of the road. The argument became road rage when both the groups were engaged in a horrifying fight.

The arrested people – Taranjit Singh (31) is a resident of Janakpuri and deals in the sale and purchase of luxury cars. The other person is Naveen Kumar, who is a resident of Chhawla village and is a property dealer. Both men do not have any previous criminal history as per the police. The police are working to identify other people who were engaged in the brawl. It is likely that more arrests will be made in connection to the incident.

Several videos of the incident showing the men and women fighting with each other have become viral on social media platforms. It started late Friday night in a driveway where several vehicles were parked. Singh and Kumar were leaving after dinner when one of their vehicles touched the other car. They got into a massive fight and several other men also joined them.

Security guards who tried to intervene and stop the fight were attacked by these men too. The videos also show several women fighting against each other and getting manhandled by a few men on the spot.

No case registered

Road rage, fights on camera in Aerocity after luxury cars brush against each other [Video]

Both the parties did not register any case or filed any complaint against each other. Instead, a senior police official said that they have registered a case under various sections of affray and other relevant sections for violations of COVID protocols.

Dy Commissioner of Police (Airport) Ranjeev Ranjan said,

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Airport) Ranjeev Ranjan said, “We have registered a case and two of the main accused have been arrested. Further investigation is underway and we are trying to identify others who were involved in the incident.”

Avoid road rage

Road rage can take an ugly turn. It can happen anywhere and in the past, many road rage incidents have caused fatal injuries too. That is why it is best to avoid road rage as much as possible. It is important to have a cool and calm head on public roads to ensure that you do not get involved in a road rage incident. If you ever get into an argument or road rage, it is best to not have a dialogue with the other person. Do not engage and always call for help by dialling 100 number. It is always best to be defensive when it comes to driving the car and always use proper signals while changing lanes.