Angry Uncle Makes Hyundai Grand i10 Driver Do Sit-Ups For Rash Driving [Video]

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Road rage incidents in India have become increasingly common lately. Many people have started installing dash cameras on their vehicles, which is another reason why we see so many videos emerging. In many cases, a lack of patience causes the problem. This scenario has been witnessed several times, and sometimes escalates into physical assaults. However, one car owner decided to punish a Grand i10 driver in a very different manner, by making him apologize publicly for overtaking on a blind curve.

The video was shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel and further shared by his follower Prasenjit Nandi. It was recorded on the dashcam of Prasenjit’s car as he was traveling through West Bengal’s Asansol region.

The video shows Prasenjit’s car passing through a single lane narrow road, possibly through a village, maintaining a speed of 60 kmph. As they approach a curve, Prasenjit honks to warn any oncoming vehicle.

As the car gets closer, Prasenjit notices another car attempting to overtake the truck in front of him on the curve, which is extremely dangerous. The Grand i10 driver does not slow down or have time to slow down. Prasenjit manages to swerve his car away from the car, avoiding a crash.

Usually, the incident would end here, with both parties continuing on their way, grateful to have escaped unharmed. However, Prasenjit was so furious that he decided to turn his car around and follow the Grand i10 to teach him a lesson. He tracks the car and blocks it at a junction.

Angry Uncle Makes Hyundai Grand i10 Driver Do Sit-Ups For Rash Driving [Video]
Grand i10 driver dangerously overtaking truck

Prasenjit gets out of his vehicle and speaks to the driver. The conversation is not clear, but it seems like the Grand i10 driver realizes his mistake and knows he is in trouble. He and the other passengers get out of the vehicle for safety. Prasenjit probably explains to him what he did wrong and asks him to do sit-ups as punishment for his behavior.

The driver follows the instructions and does the sit-ups, possibly apologizing to Prasenjit as well. Locals gather around, but they are not aware of the whole incident. While the Grand i10 driver was at fault for overtaking on a curve, Prasenjit’s actions cannot be appreciated. It was just another form of road rage. He did not physically assault the driver, but if the driver had not obeyed, things could have escalated.

The right thing to do in this case would have been to simply report the driver to the police so they could take necessary action. Civilians do not have the right to punish or physically assault anyone for any reason.

Always follow traffic rules, do not overtake on a curve, and if you cannot see the road clearly ahead, never overtake. The Grand i10 driver not only put his own life at risk but also endangered the lives of other road users. This angry uncle – no matter how unpalatable his actions may have been – may have taught this rash driver a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry.