Bengaluru Road-Rager Gets Punched In Face After He Hit Car With Helmet! (Video)

Bangalore road rage counter attack

Road rage is becoming a huge problem on Indian roads. It seems like every day we are now coming across one or the other case of road rage. Most recently, a video of a car driver and scooter rider getting involved in a fight has surfaced online. The owner of the car, who has also shared this video, mentions that the scooter rider smashed the left window of his car. This resulted in his three-year-old daughter getting injured.

This video of the road rage incident has been shared by the car owner Akhil Sabu on X (formerly Twitter). He has shared the post and stated, “Road Rage Bangalore, Sarjapur main road, 9645354194 help.@DrParameshwara @Prateek34381357 @Shiva1306 @karnatakaportf @poha_met_jalebi Guys pls help to get reach, I was in the car with my wife and 3-year-old daughter when the biker attacked us.”

From this short CCTV footage clip, we can note that the owner of the car, who was driving a golden Hyundai i10, was stopped by a scooter rider. This rider was riding just in front of the car and had braked. He did this to stop the car driver. After this, he came next to the car.

The driver of the car, however, did not want to stop and engage in the road rage. So he tried moving ahead by turning his vehicle slightly left. However, this move agitated the scooter rider, who then threw his helmet on the car’s right side. Following this, the scooter rider went ahead to pick up his helmet.

What happened next?

Bengaluru Road-Rager Gets Punched In Face After He Hit Car With Helmet! (Video)

At this point, the car driver also became extremely angry, and when the scooter rider was picking up his helmet, he drove towards the rider. This is when the rider, who was in anger, smashed the left window of the car. After this, the car driver immediately stopped his car, and his wife opened the front left door.

Just a moment later, the driver also came out of the car and started punching the scooter rider. He first pushed him back, and after that, he swung multiple punches at him. The scooter rider at one point even fell on the ground. The car driver still continued to beat him.

Car driver also shared another video

The car driver in his tweet also attached a different CCTV footage. In this short clip, it can be noted that the scooter rider was riding alongside the car. The owner mentioned that during this time he was continuously abusing him. The car driver added that the scooter rider noted that there were his wife and 3-year-old daughter inside. However, he still did not stop.

Injury to the 3-year-old daughter

The owner via Twitter account has shared that the broken glass of the window injured his 3-year-old daughter. He has not mentioned if his wife suffered any injuries or not. Road Rage incident involving a chase.

Has the scooter rider been arrested?

As per the car driver, despite this video getting a lot of media attention, the scooter rider has not been arrested. According to reports, the scooter rider is named Jagdish and he is a local resident. This particular incident, as mentioned, has taken place on Sarjapur main road.