Road rage incidents involving Hyundai Creta, Volkswagen Polo and Tempo Traveler caught on camera [Video]

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While car sales are steadily increasing in the country, unfortunately, the level of patience and sensibility among drivers is witnessing a simultaneous decline, leading to a rise in road rage incidents. Two such incidents from different parts of the country highlight the importance of acting sensibly in such situations and, more crucially, emphasize the need to install dashcams in vehicles.

A YouTube video from the channel of “Prateek Singh” sheds light on two road rage incidents from India – one from Bengaluru and one from Ghaziabad. While the exact causes that initiated both these road rage incidents are not yet clear, both illustrate one key point – a dashcam in today’s times is of utmost importance to establish innocence in the face of road rage incidents.

Starting with the incident from Bengaluru, the video depicts a confrontation between a Hyundai Creta owner and a Force Traveler driver in the midst of heavy traffic. In the video, the Creta driver is seen wielding a jack, while the Traveler driver approaches with an iron rod. A third person attempts to mediate and stop the fight between the two.

Road rage incidents involving Hyundai Creta, Volkswagen Polo and Tempo Traveler caught on camera [Video]

The reason behind the altercation in Bengaluru is unclear, but the video suggests that this scene was the second part of an ongoing dispute between the two. Reports indicate that the Creta owner attempted to assault the Traveler driver with sticks, stones, and a key. In an act of self-defense, the Traveler driver retrieved the iron rod from his vehicle.

Another incident

The second instance is reported from Ghaziabad and involves a high-profile personality. The video captures a road rage incident between a Volkswagen Polo owner and security personnel from the CRPF security convoy of renowned poet and former politician Kumar Vishwas. The Polo owner allegedly disrupted the convoy, leading to a heated argument and eventually a physical altercation where the Polo owner sustained injuries. The incident went viral on social media, prompting CRPF to remove the security cover of Vishwas and launch a probe into the matter.

In both incidents, the actual cause and the instigator on the road are yet to be determined. However, if dashcams were present in any of the vehicles, it would have been easier to identify the culprit. In the face of the increasing frequency of road rage incidents, dashcams can act as a deterrent, prevent such incidents, and serve as valuable evidence for further investigation.