Goon Threatens To Beat Up Car Driver: Road Rage Caught On Dashcam [Video]

Road rage incident mumbai

As the number of vehicles on Indian roads is increasing exponentially, the number of road rage incidents has also increased in the same manner. A number of people report incidents of road rage every day now, and recently, another video showing one such incident has been shared online. In this particular dashcam footage, a local goon was seen trying to stop a car driver in the middle of the road and then calling his gang to beat up the car driver. The entire situation, showing this man’s rowdiness on public roads, has been captured on video. This was all caused because this scooter rider crashed into the car driver from the rear.

Road rage by local goon

The video of this road rage incident has come courtesy of Prateek Singh on their channel. The creator of the video explains that this case has been shared with him by one of his viewers named Deepak Sharma. He states that Sharma reported that he was traveling to Pune in his car from Mumbai. He added that this particular incident took place on Navi Mumbai’s Kalyan Shil road, near the Croma center. He added that it took place around 8 pm in the evening.

Following this, the presenter mentions and shows in the video what exactly happened. The presenter mentions that the car driver was driving normally on the road and a scooter rider was behind him who was not wearing a helmet. The traffic was flowing normally, but at one point, the car driver had to brake a little aggressively to avoid contact with a Ford Ecosport in front. However, at this point, the scooter rider crashed into the back of the car from which the incident was being recorded. And after the initial bump, the car driver suggested to the scooter rider to drive carefully.

What happened next?

Goon Threatens To Beat Up Car Driver: Road Rage Caught On Dashcam [Video]

Soon after this, the car driver, without thinking much of it, started driving his car normally on the road. However, what he then noticed was that the scooter rider did not take this suggestion well and instead was following him and then overtook him. After this, he was relentlessly trying to stop the car driver in the middle of the road to scold him. But the car driver did not stop and was continuously trying to get away from the scooter rider. Following this, the chase went on for quite some time, and the scooter rider finally overtook the car and stopped his scooter.

So because of this abrupt stop, the car driver also had to stop the car in the middle of the road. Soon after this, it can be noted that the scooter rider started harassing the car driver and was seen calling his gang. The car driver stated that the scooter rider told him that this is his area and he will beat him. After this, as the scooter rider was busy calling his gang, the car driver somehow found a way and drove off. However, even after escaping, the scooter rider still came back and was again seen trying to stop the car. But after a while, the car driver successfully left him behind.

This is why dashcams are important

Goon Threatens To Beat Up Car Driver: Road Rage Caught On Dashcam [Video]

Thankfully, nothing serious happened to the car driver or even the scooter rider as it was a minor bump. However, the actions after the small bump were very concerning, and had the car driver not had a dashcam, the blame would have been pinned on him as usually happens in India. And because of incidents like these, we suggest every car driver invest in a good dashcam and install it in their car. As when situations like these escalate on public roads, it helps in understanding who actually was at fault and helps authorities take necessary actions.