Road rage: Man hangs on to car bonnet, Bangalore woman drives for 1 km while bikers chase her Tata Nexon

Road rage has always been a common sight on the road rage. In the past, we have seen people dragging cops to evade fines and challans on the road. Here is an incident where a woman driver dragged and lifted a fellow motorist on the bonnet of the car after a road rage incident. This is what happened.

Bengaluru Police arrested a woman for dragging and lifting a 29-year-old man on the car of her bonnet. The incident was recorded on a camera by another motorist on the road. According to the information available, the woman dragged the man for about 3 to 4 km in a road rage incident. The police also booked the man after the husband of the woman filed a counter-complaint alleging harassment.

The incident took place on the Ullal Main Road near Bangalore University in broad daylight at about 10:15 AM. The Jnana Bharathi police registered two cases, including the one based on the counter-complaint. The woman was arrested by the police based on the video evidence.

How did it happen?

Road rage: Man hangs on to car bonnet, Bangalore woman drives for 1 km while bikers chase her Tata Nexon

The complainant Darshan S, who was dragged on the car by the woman said that he confronted the lady driver identified as Priyanka for not stopping her Tata Nexon at a traffic signal that turned red. Darshan S alleged in the complaint, “When I questioned the woman, she showed me a vulgar sign and abused me. I followed her car and intercepted her and asked why she did so. Then a person stripped my shirt and assaulted me. Then the police came to the spot and asked us to come to the police station,”

Priyanka refused to come to the police station and instead sat in her Tata Nexon and started the vehicle. The man Darshan S fell on the bonnet of the vehicle as Priyanka started driving her car. Darshan hung to the vehicle’s bonnet as Priyanka kept on driving for 3-4 km. Local motorists chased the vehicle and stopped it.

Police registered a case under the Indian Penal Code sections 506 (criminal intimidation), 279 (rash driving), 307 (attempt to murder) and 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) against Priyanka, her husband Pramod and her friend Nithish.

In the counter-complaint, Pramod alleged that Darshan had abused his wife and pulled her clothes. Following an argument, Darshan alleged that he and his friends tried to damage the car’s windows. Pramod further said “When we tried to leave the place, Darshan jumped and sat in the car. We were scared and drove the car to the Sankalpa Hospital and stopped,”

Police registered a case against Darshan under IPC sections 354B (criminal force against a woman to disrobe for compelling her to be naked), 427 (mischief causing damage to the amount of Rs 50), 506 (criminal intimidation), 341 (wrongful restraint), 504 (provocation to break public peace), 143 (unlawful assembly), 149 (unlawful assembly with common object), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 324 (voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means) and 354 (outraging the modesty of a woman.)

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