Road rage on dash cam: Bikers beat up car driver, Dashcam footage leads to arrest in Delhi

Dashboard cameras are not only useful during accidents but also during incidents of road rage, as demonstrated by a recent case in Delhi. Four bikers were apprehended by the Delhi Police and charged with road rage after a dashboard camera captured footage of them stopping a motorist in the middle of the road and assaulting him.

The victim, Praveen Jangra, posted about the incident on Twitter and requested that the police take action against the perpetrators. In his tweet, he stated,

“Some miscreants stopped me in the middle of the road and beat me up. All this happened at Nangloi Railway Station Metro. Police should look into the matter and take strict action against these goons.”

The dashboard camera, mounted on the victim’s car, shows how the bikers on Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles overtook the car and forced it to stop. The video captures the victim being assaulted and heard pleading to be released.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (outer), Harendra Singh, later tweeted a photo of the arrested bikers with the caption, “They did this, we did this.”

According to DCP Singh, “Four people on bikes intercepted his car and slapped him. It was also revealed that, at a red light before the incident, they had an altercation regarding the use of dipper lights to allow the bikers to pass, which the complainant had objected to.”

“After the tweet was brought to our attention, several teams were formed, and based on CCTV footage and other electronic means, all four bikers were apprehended from the Mundka, Nangloi, and Mangolpuri areas. They have no prior criminal record, and the incident is being treated as a case of road rage. Legal action against them is being pursued.”

Install dashboard camera

Road rage on dash cam: Bikers beat up car driver,  Dashcam footage leads to arrest in Delhi

Dashboard cameras are versatile tools that can be used to record accidents and crimes that occur on public roads. The captured footage serves as crucial evidence, making the process of filing insurance claims more straightforward. Additionally, high-end dashboard cameras are equipped with motion-detection technology, which enables them to capture any tampering attempts on the vehicle.

Investing in a dashboard camera is an excellent way to ensure one’s safety on the road and prevent any potentially dangerous situations from escalating.

In past we have seen dashboard cameras helping in accidents and also unearth many scams where people randomly fall in front of the vehicle intentionally and then extort money from the driver.