Road Roller Runs Over a Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme: What Happens Next [Video]

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Most of us have seen gigantic road rollers working on to smoothen newly laid tarmac. The road rollers are extremely heavy and their metal drum wheels that are used to flatten down the newly laid tarmac. Have you ever wondered what will happen if a bike or a car comes on the way of a road roller? Well, here is a video that shows just that.

The video made by Blade XYZ shows a new road in the making with the road roller. He uses a Hero Honda CBZ, which is in perfect working condition to demonstrate what happens if a motorcycle or a car falls under a road roller. The bike is first placed on the double stand in front of the road roller. The roller gets to the bike and knocks it down. However, the road roller gets metallic rollers, which do not offer much of a grip. The bike below the road roller keeps on slipping for some time.

After a few tries, the road roller moves on the top of the bike and crushes it completely. The motorcycle can be seen stuck underneath the road roller and dragging with it. After some time, the road again frees the bike by going in reverse. The road roller goes on the top of the bike several times to ensure that it becomes completely flat.

The end result is not so rosy. A road roller weighs around 20 metric tonnes on an average, which is extremely heavy. No regular vehicle has been designed to absorb so much pressure or impact under any circumstance. The Hero CBZ bike is in thousand pieces on the ground. Every critical part of the bike including the strong engine case cracked open due to the extremely heavy weight of the road roller on it.

Road Roller Runs Over a Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme: What Happens Next [Video]

Such accidents are unlikely to happen in real life. Road rollers move extremely slowly on the roads and often work in closed down roads. However, it is important to know how dangerous they can be. Road rollers are designed to flatten the surface and smoothen it. The heavyweight ensures that the tarmac settles down nicely and lasts longer.

This experiment was done just to show what a road roller can do to a motorcycle. While the motorcycle was getting crushed down, parts of it were flying like projectile which could have hurt people standing around. It should be noted that in many developed countries, automobiles are crushed for recycling and proper equipment and safety gears are used. Many developed countries have elaborate methods to discard an automobile. Big machines turn cars and motorcycles to small metal cubes, which can is then melted and used to make new vehicles or other products. India is yet to get such an infrastructure where the discarded automobiles can be recycled properly.

Now that you know the result of an automobile under a road roller, we are sure you will be safe on the road and ride safely around such heavy vehicles on the road.