What happens when a Road Roller Runs Over a Maruti 800 [Video]

We all have seen road rollers when there is a new road being laid. They have a metal drum that is very heavy and their duty is to flatten out the tarmac. A few years ago, we showed you a video in which a road roller crushed a motorcycle. Today, we cover a video in which a road roller runs over a Maruti 800.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Crazy XYZ. He takes a road roller and a Maruti 800. He also shows that the car is in working condition by starting the engine and doing a few rounds of the empty ground. There are some people are sitting on the roof which can be very dangerous as they can fall down anytime.

What happens when a Road Roller Runs Over a Maruti 800 [Video]

They dig a hole in the ground so that the Maruti 800 can go inside it and it would be easier for the road roller to run over it. Unlike, other vehicles where there is a key ignition, the road roller needs to start by pulling a rope. It requires some effort to crank the engine because it has 6 cylinders.

Once the road roller is started then the driver backs it up to create some momentum. In the first attempt, the road roller pushed the Maruti 800 out of its hole and got stuck. Because of this, the bonnet of the car was badly damaged. The host did ask the driver to stop, but stopping a road roller requires some time and it was too late by then because of which this incident happened. The front drum of the road roller is now on the bonnet of the car while the rear wheels of the car were in the air.

Then the road roller is again started by pulling the rope and the driver starts reversing the road roller. They also did a second attempt in which again the rear wheels went in the air and the road roller could not run over the car. This attempt was not shown in the video. Instead, the host’s team decided to dig the hole deeper so that the car cannot escape it.

The third time, the road roller runs over the bonnet and destroys the windshield and A-pillar. We can see glass breaking and scattering which could have hit anyone and injured them. Even the roof of the Maruti 800 was destroyed. The host then reverses the road roller and brings it while carrying some speed. We can see that the road roller completely crushes the car. Only the rear glass of the car is left intact.

Having said that, in this process, the road roller is also damaged. The steering mechanism of the road roller is not working anymore. The driver did not turn the steering wheel but we can see that the drum of the road roller is turned right. The host tries to reverse the road roller he is not able to do it. The road roller is now also stuck. So, a crane was called to rescue the road roller.