Robbers snatch Toyota Fortuner at gunpoint in Delhi Army Cantonment: Act caught on CCTV

A 35-year-old was held at gunpoint and his Toyota Fortuner was snatched from Delhi in the early hours of Saturday. The man was driving the vehicle while returning from the Indira Gandhi International Airport and was going towards Meerut. The incident took place on National Highway 8 in the Delhi Cantonment area.

According to the information given by the police, a call was made early in the morning at about 5:19 AM on Saturday. The call was made from NH-8 near Jharera village and was received by the staff at the Delhi Cantt police station. The complainant, Rahul informed the police that three unknown persons came on a bike, and stopped him while he was going towards a shop. They robbed the Toyota Fortuner from him at the gunpoint.

The video shows the man stopping at a shop and getting out of the vehicle. Three men on a bike had stopped in front of the car and one of them was already on the lookout. As soon as Rahul came out of the vehicle, he took out the gun and asked for the key to the car. After some altercation, Rahul handed over the keys to the car to the robbers.

Robbers snatch Toyota Fortuner at gunpoint in Delhi Army Cantonment: Act caught on CCTV

Interestingly, there were other people present at the shop but the robbers seemed undaunted by them. The video footage was captured by a CCTV installed at the shop. The motorcycle that they used to block the car was left on the spot and they all flee in the car.

No arrests have been made yet. A senior police officer said that the motive behind the incident is also not clear.

As per our information, Rahul is the driver and had dropped the car owner’s relatives at the airport on Saturday. When he was returning, the accused targeted him. We are not sure if this is a carjacking incident or if the accused and the car owner are known to each other. We are investigating the matter.

The police have registered a case under Indian Penal Code section 397 (robbery with an attempt to cause death/hurt) against unknown persons.

2 crore was snatched at gunpoint

Earlier this year a chilling incident in Delhi was captured on CCTV. The robbers used guns to corner a businessman and rob Rs 2 crore. The video showed a well-lit street and a sedan stopped behind a scooter. We are not sure why the sedan driver stopped behind the scooter. It seems like the guy on the scooter faked an accident to stop the car.

There are not isolated incidents where a gang of robbers tried to loot a car. There are many such infamous gangs like thak-thak gang, axle gang and more who do such robberies quite often. The operation procedure of the thak-thak gang is also well-documented in the CCTV cameras and even the cops have made numerous arrests. The gang lures the driver to come out of the vehicle by throwing money or saying that oil is leaking from the radiator. When the alone driver comes out of the vehicle, they take out bags that contain valuables like a laptop or cash. They also have different approaches like becoming a pedestrian and alleging that the car has hit them.

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