Former cricketer Robin Singh BUSTED for violating lockdown: Honda CR-V SEIZED by police

Former Indian cricketer turned bowling coach, Robin Singh, found himself in the wrong side of the law earlier today in Chennai, leading to his Honda CR-V SUV being seized by police officials. Robin Singh was found violating lockdown norms on the East Coast Road (ECR) in Chennai, when police officials stopped him for routing checking during the latest lockdown imposed across the city. He was fined Rs. 500.

Former cricketer Robin Singh BUSTED for violating lockdown: Honda CR-V SEIZED by police

Mr. Singh was found driving on the ECR without a valid lockdown pass, following which his vehicle was seized. The Honda CR-V will be released as per procedure. It’s likely that the Honda CR-V will be held by the Thiruvanmiyur police until the lockdown norms are relaxed. In the past few months, thousands of seized vehicles for lockdown violations have been released by police forces across the country once the first lockdown ended, but not before stern warnings to violators.

Coming back to Mr. Singh, the former national cricketer was said to quite co-operating and polite when his vehicle was seized. Mr. Singh is said to have wandered a few kms away from his house in search of tender coconut water. An unnamed police official from Chennai had this to say,

He was very polite and didn’t put on any airs. We seized his vehicle for violating the lockdown rules.

After recording a spate of new Corona Virus positive cases in Chennai, the city has been locked down by the Tamilnadu state administration for a period of 12 days starting from the 19th of June. Residents of Chennai have been advised not to step out of their homes except for accessing essential services such as emergency healthcare, groceries, etc. Also, the commissioner of police for Chennai city has instructed citizens to stay within 2 Kms of their homes, even while accessing essential services such as grocery shopping.  Police officials in Chennai have been strictly instructed to crackdown on violators.

The Corona Virus pandemic is spreading across India, with a big rise in positive cases over the past couple of weeks. India is yet to flatten the curve even as states across the country step up efforts to increase testing, improve quarantine and healthcare facilities, and also impose lockdowns in severely affected zones that are known as ‘containment zones’. Governments across the country are advocating social distancing norms and also urging citizens to desist from large social gatherings in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.