Rolls Royce Cullinan: 5 reasons why the super luxury SUV is a LOT more expensive than the Ambanis’ Bentley Bentayga

Rolls Royce recently revealed the Cullinan, which is the first-ever SUV from the Goodwood-based ultra-luxury carmaker. The new SUV costs USD 325,000, which is almost 100,000 dollars more than what its nearest rival, the Bentley Bentayga, costs. Going by the import duties that are levied on these cars, the Cullinan is expected to cost a whopping Rs 5.5 crore in India. The Bentayga, on the other hand, costs Rs 3.84 crore in our country. Now, the Bentayga is no ordinary SUV. It has a lot of features, luxury, performance and of course street presence, and even finds space in Mukesh Ambani’s garage. However, here are 5 things that make the Cullinan a LOT more expensive than the Bentayga.

It’s longer

The new Rolls Royce Cullinan is longer than the Bentayga, both in terms of overall length and wheelbase. The Cullinan is not only 8.6-inches longer but also 2-inches taller, much like how the Rolls Royce Phantom is much larger than the Bentley Mulsanne. While Rolls Royce is yet to reveal the interior volume, it’s pretty clear that parked one next to the other, the Cullinan would seem significantly larger than the Bentayga. Essentially, the Cullinan can offer you more road presence just by its sheer size.

More Features

Another reason for the Cullinan’s higher price tag is the higher number of features it offers. While the Bentley Bentayga already has a long list of features, the Cullinan takes things to the next level by offering features such as a sophisticated 4-camera system with panoramic view, night vision and vision assist, and an industry-leading 7×3 high-res head-up display. It even offers a lot more safety and convenience features.

Automatic adjustments for off-roading

While most rich owners of these SUVs would never want to take their prized possessions off road, in case they do, the Roller seems to be a better bet. The Cullinan offers an off-road mode, aptly called ‘Off-Road’. This mode adjusts all the settings automatically. This SUV uses a series of cameras, sensors, GPS data and more to analyze the terrain ahead of you and adjust the settings automatically.

Better interior with more customization options

The Bentayga offers a very rich cabin. However, the Cullinan takes it a step ahead. It uses higher quality material and as per many international reports, offers a better fit and finish. Also, the Rolls Royce offers more customization options. One of the customization options is the ‘recreation module’ for the boot. Basically, it’s a custom-built drawer and shelving system that houses various slots to carry equipment needed to pursue a hobby.

Built on the advanced Phantom 8 platform

The Cullinan is built on the latest space frame platform that also underpins the Phantom 8. This platform is 30% more rigid than the architecture used for the Phantom 7. Currently, the Cullinan and the Phantom 8 are the only 2 cars that use this modern architecture. The Bentayga, on the other hand, gets its underpinnings from the much cheaper Audi Q7. This is another bit that goes on to define the exclusivity of the new Rolls Royce SUV.

Bentley bentayga images

All said, the Bentayga does have its own strengths. And well, it even enjoys some advantages over the Cullinan. For starters, it’s much cheaper, not that buyers would care, but still, a cheaper price tag does make it seem like a better bargain. Also, it holds a definite power advantage over the Rolls Royce SUV. While the Cullinan offers 563 bhp, the Bentayga’s most powerful engine option offers as much as 600 bhp. Moreover, the Bentayga even offers a cheaper engine variant. Finally, India will get the diesel engined variant of the Bentayga soon. The Rolls Royce Cullinan, on the other hand, is available in a single petrol engine variant.

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