Driving the Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge: Indian Youtuber narrates experience [Video]

Rolls Royce is the famous car brand known for it’s ultra luxury vehicles. One of the latest models that Rolls Royce has recently launched in the market is the Cullinan SUV. It is the only SUV in Rolls Royce’s line up and competes with Luxury SUV’s like Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga. It is currently the most expensive SUV produced in the world. Rolls Royce decided that the regular Cullinan was not enough and launched a more expensive version the SUV which is known as Cullinan Black Badge. Here we have a video where an Indian Yotuber gets a chance to experience the all-new Cullinan Black Badge.

The video has been uploaded by Gagan Choudhary. Rolls has officially launched Black Badge version of Cullinan in India and has price tag of Rs 8.2 cr, ex-showroom. The video starts by showing the key fob of the Cullinan which gets a leather wrap that matches the colour of the interiors. The video then shows the spirit of ecstasy popping out on the front bonnet when the car is unlocked and also shows the exterior.Compared to the regular Cullinan front grille of the Black badge has been completely blacked out including the RR logo and lower part of the bumper where it usually gets a silver finish. The video also shows front parking sensors, nigh vision camera and radar which is installed at the front.

Side profile of the car reveals how long the Cullinan actually is. It shows the 22 inch sporty looking alloy wheels with red calipers which can only be seen in Black Badge edition. Video then shows, the auto dimming ORVMs, indicators, door handles of the Cullinan. The black theme can be seen everywhere on the car. Similarly the rear of the Black badge also gets distinctly designed tail lamps with smoked effect and black chrome strip on the boot which adds to the luxury stance of the car.

Rolls Royce Cullinan Drive Featured

The interior of the Cullinan Black Badge are similar to that of the regular ones. It gets loads and loads of features and Rolls Royce has given attention to detail as always on every component used in it. The leather wrapped steering wheel, dual tone dashboard, retro looking buttons, buttons to control the curtain inside the car all give it a premium feel. The instrument cluster is all digital and gets a touchscreen infotainment system too. The door pads have massager function for both driver , co-driver and passenger at the rear.

At the rear, the doors can be closed with the touch of a button like the front ones. The rear seats passengers get a tray table with dedicated entertainment screen and other features like AC controls, refrigerator, champagne glasses and other features. Just like at the front, Rolls Royce has given attention to detail at the rear. The rear has a huge boot and has a pair of chairs nicely tucked inside the boot.

The Rolls Royce Cullinan’s ride quality according to the anchor felt pretty good but is not in par with Other vehicles in the Rolls Royce family. The Cullinan is also capable of taking tight turns as it has a rear wheel steering which can be seen in the video. The Cullinan Black Badge is powered by the same 6.75 litre V12 petrol engine producing 600 Bhp and 900 Nm of torque. Overall, the Youtuber is pretty impressed with the way Cullinan looks, rides and the features it offers.

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