5 famous Rolls Royce Cullinan owners: Anant Ambani to Ajay Devgn

Rolls Royce launched the Cullinan luxury SUV in India during the end of 2018. Priced at Rs. 6.95 crores, it is the most expensive SUV on sale in India and also the most luxurious one. Among the various novel luxury features it comes equuipped with, one is its acoustically sealed cabin which ensures absolute silence for its occupants. For an SUV that is among the most expensive and luxurious regular production SUVs in the world, its buyers are also nothing short of a celebrity themselves. A few Indians have bought the Cullinan too and some of them are located in differnt places across the world. Let’s take a look at 5 Indian celebrity Rolls Royce Cullinan owners.

Anant Ambani

The Instagrammer has deleted the picture of the Cullinan with Anant Ambani seen in it. 


Image courtesy Viren Parikh

The Ambani garage holds some of the best exotic and high end cars in India. Among the latest additions to their garage is a Rolls Royce Cullinan which carries a rather unique paint job, somewhat of a light brown shade to be particular. It is not known if the Ambanis have also got the interiors customised or not but  it is likely that this Cullinan may have bespoke interiors. Anant Ambani was seen in the behemoth of a vehicle a few weeks back which was also the first time an Ambani family member was seen in this car.

Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan may not be a hardcore auto enthusiast but his garage holds big names like the Land Rover Range Rover, MINI Cooper, BMW Z4 and more. The latest addition to this collection is a Rolls Royce Cullinan which has a darker, more subtle shade. Even though the actor has not been spotted with the vehicle yet, pictures of his brand new Cullinan have been making rounds of the internet. The car’s registration number shows that it does belong to Ajay Devgn as in the government’s record.

Reuben Singh

5 famous Rolls Royce Cullinan owners: Anant Ambani to Ajay Devgn

Mr Reuben Singh is a hardcore car enthusiast from UK and is believed to own around 20 Rolls Royce. His garage holds some of the biggest names in the automotive world including a Bugatti Veyron. A few months back, the man got himself what is called the Jewel Collection. This is a new fleet of Rolls Royce cars bought by the businessman which has 3 Rolls Royce Phantoms and 3 Rolls Royce Cullinans. The name Jewels Collection comes from the brilliant bespoke colours of the brand new Rolls Royce. All the cars are inspired by the colour of Rubies, Emerlands and Sapphires. Now who was saying that a Cullinan was expensive?

Bhushan Kumar

Among the first buyers of the Rolls Royce Cullinan in India, Bhushan Kumar bought a wine red Cullinan some time back. This one also became the first Cullinan in Bollywood and was imported to the Indian market a few months back. For the uninitiated, Bhushan Kumar is the MD and Chairman of T-Series and is also a movie producer, music producer and a composer. The Rolls Royce Cullinan is powered by a 6.75-litre V12 petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 563 Bhp and a peak torque of 850 Nm. The engine comes mated to a 6-speed automatic unit.

Abhini Sohan Roy

5 famous Rolls Royce Cullinan owners: Anant Ambani to Ajay Devgn

Abhini Sohan Roy became the first Indian to get a Rolls Royce Cullinan. She is also currently the only Indian woman to own a Rolls Royce Cullinan. Based in Dubai, Abhini received it as a gift from her husband on their silver jubilee marriage anniversary. The Cullinan is the first-ever SUV from Rolls Royce and is priced at Rs. 2.2 crores in international markets. With import taxes, it will become one of the most expensive cars in India. The Cullinan is powered by a 6.75-litre V12 petrol engine that pumps out a good 563 Bhp of power along with 850 Nm of torque.