Rolls Royce-inspired starlit headliner in a Honda Civic only for Rs. 4,000 [Video]

Rolls Royce cars are known for their several unique features that are not available even in many high-end vehicles. One of these features is the starlit headliner, which is an optional feature and costs lakhs of rupees to get. In the past, many have installed starlit roofline in the regular cars and the results are quite interesting. Here is a new video that shows the old Honda Civic getting a starlit headliner. The video shows the installation process too, which will help many to do it on their own. The best part? The price of the set-up is only Rs 4,000.

The video made by Jhampa66 shows the installation process of the starlit headliner in the older version of the Honda Civic. To start with, the video first shows the whole set-up. It gets a LED emitter that is also the control module and can be controlled wirelessly through a remote. There are 150 fibre optic cables that emit the light and become the stars. It should be noted that in Rolls Royce, the minimum number of fibre optics present in the roof is 800. More can be added as customisation.

To install the starlit headliner, the whole roof has to be taken out. The video shows how he took out the lights and handles were removed to take out the whole roofline. The video then shows how small holes were made using a safety pin all over. The fibre optic cable can then installed by putting it through the hole. It sure is a tedious process. The fibre optics are secured in the positions with the help of a hot glue gun. All the wires are secured with the help of regular tape.

Rolls Royce-inspired starlit headliner in a Honda Civic only for Rs. 4,000 [Video]

The fibre optic cable is then attached to the LED light emitter and then after giving it power, the whole set-up lights up. It should be noted that fibre optics can be cut to make them short in length. This makes them very easy to install. Also, people can use fibre optics to draw different patterns on the roofline too.

The whole set-up costs Rs 4,000 according to the video and there is a link to buy the product too. However, you can easily get it from various e-commerce websites. If you’re not willing to do the installation work at home, you can always visit a friendly neighbourhood garage and get it done from them too. However, some extra money will be spent on that. Also, such set-ups with a higher number of optical fibres can be bought too.

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