Rolls Royce luxury car used for garbage collection by Indian Maharaja. What’s the real story?

Rolls Royce is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers that still exist today. One thing that has not been changed since their early days is that they are still considered to be the most luxurious automobile manufacturers in the world. Due to this, most of the rich people buy Rolls Royce as a status symbol. In our country, the Rolls Royce nameplate is associated with an interesting story of Maharaja Jai Singh. It is said that he used his Rolls Royce car as a garbage collection vehicle when he was once insulted in London. So, is this true or what is the real story?

Rolls Royce luxury car used for garbage collection by Indian Maharaja. What’s the real story?

There are many versions of the story available on the internet. Here, is one of them. Maharaja Jai Singh once visited London and was wearing a casual Indian dress. He was roaming around the city where he saw a Rolls Royce showroom and he tried to enter it because he wanted to know more about the Rolls Royce cars. However, seeing his “Indian” appearance, he was not allowed inside the showroom. The showroom people assumed he was some beggar so they did not let him enter the showroom.

Maharaja was very angry and felt insulted. So, he decided to buy 6 Rolls Royce vehicles. He shipped them to India and donated them to municipal workers to take revenge from Rolls Royce. He asked the municipal workers to use the Rolls Royce vehicles as garbage collection cars. There is even a picture of a Rolls Royce standing in the garbage. The picture went viral on the internet.

Rolls Royce luxury car used for garbage collection by Indian Maharaja. What’s the real story?

Is the story true?

To know if the story is true or not, first, we need to know the history of Maharaja Jai Singh. The full name of Maharaja is Sawai Jai Singh also known as Jai Singh II. He was born on November 3, 1688, and died on September 21, 1743. Now, the important thing to note is that the development of motorized vehicles was not started until 1885. According to the internet, development on motorised vehicles was started by Carl Benz in 1885. These were the vehicles whose design now we see in modern vehicles.

Moreover, Rolls Royce itself was started in 1906 i.e. after the death of Maharaja Jai Singh II. So, the timeline contradicts the story. The luxury manufacturer set up its shop after the death of Maharaja. There are other stories too that are associated with the Rolls Royce cars being used as garbage collection vehicles.

There is a story of Nizam of Hyderabad, Maharaja Kishan Singh of Bharatpur and Maharaja of Patiala. There are also other many names of Maharajas that are associated with the same story. However, every story has the same timeline contradiction issues.

What are the brooms doing in front of Rolls Royce?

The purpose of brooms is different from what everyone thinks. As per reports, the brooms were tied on the front of expensive vehicles to save the tyres. This was done to save the tyres from the damage that the stones or pebbles would do to the tyres. At that time, the tyres would get damaged very easily and the roads of India were not at all good at that time.

Rolls Royce luxury car used for garbage collection by Indian Maharaja. What’s the real story?

The Maharajas did not even replace tyres, they would simply just go buy a new Rolls Royce. So, the duty of brooms was to increase the longevity of the vehicles and not for garbage collection.


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