Rolls Royce to Maruti WagonR: 10 UNSEEN cars from DC Design

Rolls Royce to Maruti WagonR: 10 UNSEEN cars from DC Design

Dilip Chhabria’s DC Design is perhaps the nation’s best-known custom design house. While the company may have turned into a sports car manufacturer with the Avanti, the brand is still best known for its outrageously designed modifications of cars no matter the original price tag of said vehicles. However, not every DC design car has become famous and in this post, we’ll take a look at 10 lesser known modified cars from DC Design.

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit meets Ambassador

The Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit seen here is one of two such cars that have been given the DC treatment, This modified Rolls-Royce has been given a total design makeover that is inspired by the retro looks of the former neta special, the Hindustan Ambassador. The only original Rolls-Royce design element seen on this luxury barge is the big grille up front. Overall, the curvy lines of this modified Rolls-Royce ensue that bystanders will always have a moment to remember, whenever it passes them by.

Hyundai Santro

The first-gen Santro made tall boy hatchbacks famous in India and made the Hyundai hatch a household name. DC Design went to town on the Santro in terms of design and have given it a two-door coupe body. The large grille of the old Santro has been replaced with a sleek unit, which is flanked on either side by rectangular headlamp units. Both the front and rear bumpers have been replaced by sportier units that are also a lot more chunkier than the stock parts. The taillamps too are custom designed and the metallic yellow paint job just adds to the sporty character of the modified Santro.

Toyota Land Cruiser VXR

This Land Cruiser modified by DC Design can usually be seen roaming the streets of Dubai in the UAE. This customized Land Cruiser features a new grille with vertical sections similar to the ones found on Jeep SUVs. The headlamps are new and their circular shapes are complemented by the who have used it. The SUV also gets custom alloy wheels and a matte black paint finish for her the cladding.

Maini Reva

The old Reva electric car didn’t expect the DC treatment but instead DC came, redesigned and left us with our mouths open in disbelief. The original Reva’s odd design has made way for something that could be at home in the world of Tron, The Tron Reva also features faux drivetrains connecting the tyres on either side both of which are kept entirely covered by body panels. This Reva also features headlamps inspired by the R18 LMP1 car.

Toyota Qualis

The Toyota Qualis was the most popular car from Toyota before the arrival of the Innova. This modified example barely even looks like a stock Qualis thanks to its estate-like design. The front end sports a blacked-out grille and flanked on either side by vertically stacked headlights. The custom five-spoke alloys look cool and the modified MPV also features nearly all-new body panels, which give it a rather distinctive shape.

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a premium sedan but a session under the DC scalpel saw it being transformed into a low-slung sports car. The Accord-based car’s biggest party trick is its scissor doors.

Tata Indica

The Tata Indica became the darling of fleet operators during its long production run. This Indica features
several modifications including custom headlamps and taillights, a new grille and almost entirely new body panels. The custom paint jobs just adds to this car’s new look.

Wagon R

DC was into the creation of rugged crossovers before they became so popular. This Wagon R features plastic cladding all around including the front grille will not be harmed elbezel o summer. The interiors too have been spruced up as well which adds to the premium look and feel of the car.

DC Tornado

The outlandish DC Tornado is based on another concept called the Imperator from the same brand. The Tornado gets a mid-engine layout is powered by an Audi-sourced 6.0-litre V12 engine. The car sits on massive 25-inch wheels clad in 325-cross section tyres and features all-wheel-drive system.

Toyota Fortuner

The previous generation of the Toyota Fortuner was a really popular SUV for India’s power brokers. DC has taken the butch design of the previous Fortuner and given it a more modern look. The fog lamps have been replaced with while the aux lamps and the headlamps are now sleek LEDs.

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