Rolls-Royce: We BUST the 10 biggest myths about these super luxurious cars

The name – Rolls Royce needs no introduction. Over the years, Rolls Royce has become the brand that can only be accessed by the super-rich and the common men have developed quite a few misconceptions and myths against the brand. Here is a list of ten such myths about Rolls Royce brand cars that are widely spread.

Rolls Royce doesn’t break down

We wish this was true but just like all other cars, Rolls Royce are working machines and have thousands of moving parts. They do break down but be assured that Rolls Royce cars are not as fragile as the mass segment cars and they don’t break down often. One famous incident of Rolls Royce car breaking down comes from the celebrity Kim Kardashian when her Ghost broke down a few years back and had to be towed.

You need a high profile/be invited to buy a Rolls Royce

There is a common myth that not everyone can buy a Rolls Royce. While most Rolls Royce owners are popular and have a reputed life, the statement is not true. Rolls Royce does not do profiling of its prospective customers. If you have enough bank balance and want to buy the Rolls Royce, you definitely can go ahead and do that!

British to the core

Rolls Royce was born in Goodwood, England and over the years, the belief that Rolls Royce cars are truly British is not true. The modern Rolls Royce cars show the true globalisation. The body of the vehicles is made in Germany from where they are shifted to the Rolls Royce manufacturing facility in the UK. A lot of other parts are sourced from the different parts of the world. For a fact, Rolls Royce brand is owned by the German automobile giant – BMW.

Rolls Royce air-conditioners have the power of 30 refrigerators

Thirty refrigerators are a lot and unless the statement above mentions refrigerators from the early 1900s, it is totally false. Rolls Royce does use some powerful AC to keep maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle plus the heavy insulation helps but the power of modern 30 refrigerators is something that is absolutely not true.

“Spirit of Ecstacy” is made up of solid silver

The Spirit of Ecstacy is something that gives the identity to the Rolls Royce cars and they are pretty expensive too. But as believed by many, they are not made up of gold or silver. In fact, the standard option available with the Rolls Royce cars gets you a stainless steel Spirit of Ecstacy. However, the customers who want the Ecstasy to be made up of a different material can choose to do so by paying extra. Rolls Royce offers options like Matte Black, Illuminated Crystal, Gold Plated and Diamond Studded Spirit Of Ecstacy. They offer a high level of customisation and if a customer wants a different material and pays the price, they will honour the request.

Analogue clock is the only thing you can hear in a moving Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce cars are extremely quiet, yes. But statements like it is so silent that you will only get to hear the analogue clock on the dashboard is just pushing the boundaries. Rolls Royce cars are one of the quietest cars in the world and at slower speeds, you may probably hear the analogue clock on the dashboard but at higher speeds, the road noise will filter into the cabin. It is not a soundproof car.

The logo colour was changed from red to black after the founder’s death

We are not sure who floated this rumour but it has now become a widespread myth. Many believe that the Rolls Royce brand changed the colour of their logo from red to black after Henry Royce’s death. In fact, Henry Royce took the decision to change the logo colour after a few customers complained about the red coloured font that stands out.

Rolls Royce are never recalled

The Rolls Royce cars are so perfectly made that they cannot get recalled. Well, as we said earlier, they are machines and few parts can turn out to be defective. Rolls Royce has issued numerous recalls in the past and they will continue to do so if a problem arises. The Rolls Royce Ghost was recalled in 2015 because of a circuit board problem.

They cannot be used as taxis

Rolls Royce taxis are available in many parts of the world for the super-rich customers. Rolls Royce Taxis are commonly used by luxury hotels around the world. Also, there are Rolls Royce taxi services available in many countries that can be hired by anyone.

Has only made luxury cars

Rolls Royce initially started their journey by racing in various endurance races around the world. The races proved reliability and performance. It was after many years that Rolls Royce got into custom luxury cars and carriages. They have carried the manufacturing of luxury cars over the years and this is what they are known for now.