Rolls Royce Phantom VIII: Ten things you don’t know about India’s COSTLIEST car

Rolls Royce vehicles have always been known for their uber-luxurious features. Earlier this year, the British carmaker launched the Phantom Series VIII in India, which is an all-new model and carries a whopping price tag of Rs. 11.35 crores, making it the most expensive vehicle on the Indian market. Here are ten absolutely astonishing things that make the Rolls Royce Phantom VIII the most expensive vehicle available on the Indian market.

Spirit of Ecstasy stays with the car

The Spirit of Ecstasy is the signature of Rolls Royce cars. The emblem that sits in the hood of the bonnet can be customised in various different ways to suit the need and style of the buyer. Even though there are high chances of people trying to meddle with the Spirit of Ecstasy with the intention of stealing it, the emblem is theft-proof. Rolls Royce has made a spring-loaded mechanism that automatically retracts the ornament into the bonnet as soon as force is applied on it. The same feature is available with all other Rolls Royce models too.

Automatic doors

Even though the luxurious interior is the USP of the Rolls Royce vehicles, the Phantom VIII also gets some high-tech features like a touch-sensitive door system. The suicide doors of the Rolls Royce Phantom VIII can be closed automatically by just pushing a button on the handlebar. We all hate it when someone slams the doors of our cars, don’t we? Rolls Royce has found a solution to it.

Comes with “The Gallery”

The all-new Rolls Royce Phantom VIII gets its dashboard encased in glass. There is a single piece of glass that holds the digital dials including the speedometer, power reserve, fuel level and temperature levels. There is a lot of other information too, like the cruise control, and navigation and driver assistance are displayed behind the single piece of glass that stretches from one end to the other. Rolls Royce calls it “The Gallery”.

Satellite-guided gear changes

To give the ultimate ride experience, Rolls Royce uses an extremely advanced system in the Phantom VIII. The transmission of the vehicle constantly gets updates from the GPS on the road ahead and shifts at an optimal time to ensure an ultimate driving experience. The eight-speed automatic transmission will shift down or up depending on the speed of the vehicle and the terrain ahead. For example, the transmission will shift down when the car reaches a turn, giving it perfect shift timings!

You can hear the clock!

Rolls Royce vehicles are known to have the quietest cabins in the world. The Phantom VIII uses 130 kg of sound-proofing material that ensures that the occupants remain isolated from the hustle-bustle of the roads. The new Phantom VIII gets new tyres that bring down the road noise by 9 dB. It is so silent that you will be able to hear the ticking sound of the analogue clock mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle, over the engine sound!

Attention to details

The Phantom VIII drips of luxury. Rolls Royce takes extreme care of the details and only uses the best materials in the vehicle. The wooden inserts used in the cabin are first treated in humidified chambers to prevent them from developing cracks. Extreme care is taken while handling the wood before installation too. The Rolls Royce engineers only use velvet sheets to store the wood before it is installed in the vehicle.

The extreme attention to the details continues with the leather that is used in the cabin. Rolls Royce carefully chooses only bull hide to make the upholstery as cow-hide can have stretch marks on it. Rolls Royce uses special brushes made up of squirrel hair to pinstripe the vehicles. This is what customers pay for when they buy the vehicle.

Made by hand

While most modern car manufacturers use advanced robots to manufacture their vehicles and increase the production capacity, Rolls Royce uses only four robots at their only production facility at Goodwood, England. The robots take up jobs like applying the primer protective coat on the body of the vehicle but most of the things are done by hand.

Rolls Royce does not have massive production projections and only make about 500 units of the vehicles each year. Even the 6.75-litre V12 engine that powers the vehicle is handmade!

Gets a unique identity!

Every Rolls Royce is fully customised according to the needs of the owner. The Phantom VIII offers 44,000 exterior paint options, thousands of interior options including the colour of the stitching thread on the upholstery. If you do not want to invest your time in choosing such things, Rolls Royce will do the research like knowing your hobbies, favourite sports, and places you have visited in past to customise the vehicle for you. You even get customised umbrellas that can be stored inside the doors of the Phantom VIII.

Can last a lifetime

About 65% of the Rolls Royce cars ever made in the world are still road-worthy! This shows the high level of reliability of the vehicle and the amount of effort put by Rolls Royce engineers to make it last a lifetime. Rolls Royce cars can easily be used for lakhs of kilometres without any failure.

Like no-one else!

Rolls Royce engineers put special effort to make the vehicle a spectacular one. Details like the upright position of the Rolls Royce logo on the wheel caps is one of many such features that you will only find in a Rolls Royce car.

Here is the official video of the Phantom VIII