This Rolls Royce is actually a backyard build based on a Premier 118 NE [video]

Rolls Royce, a name that we easily relate with luxury. The British car manufacturer has number of models in the market and recently launched their first luxury SUV Cullinan as well. It has always been popular among buyers because of of the grand looks and the features it offers. Every Rolls Royce that we see on road is unique as most of the time owners customise the interiors and exteriors according to their liking. Rolls Royce cars are expensive and we all know that, but in India we have a ‘jugaad’ for almost everything. Here we have a Premier 118NE that is modified to look like a Rolls Royce.

The video has been uploaded by Teju Bhai on hisYoutube channel. The video shows a modified car that looks like Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead. The Premier 118NE based Rolls Royce is built by a garage in Rajasthan and  by the looks of it, the conversion looks beautiful. Even though it is nowhere near the original Rolls Royce, the modifier has kept a couple of things in mind while working on this project.

Starting with the dimensions, 118 NE is a very small sedan so, the modifier who worked on this car made this car longer than before make the proportions look right. They had given attention to details and tried to replicate the basic shape of a Rolls Royce car. The front has RR signature grille but instead of Rolls Royce logo, it has PAL (Premier Automobiles Limited) logo and there is no spirit of ecstasy or anything else on the top of the grille as well.

The headlights are stock but they are designed to look like the one seen in Rolls Royce cars.  Coming to the side profile, the car gets suicide doors and the steel wheels are replaced with new set of multi spoke alloy wheels. The rear gets a plain design with tail light units from older generation Skoda Superb sedan. The interiors of this modified Premier 118NE is also redone. It now gets a new steering, redesigned dashboard, and plush looking seats.

This Rolls Royce is actually a backyard build based on a Premier 118 NE

The 1.2 liter-4 cylinder naturally aspirated engine remains untouched. The total cost and the time involved in this conversion is not known but, the job looks pretty neat and we have a feeling that with a bit more resources, the modifier could have done even more better job. All in all, it’s a effort that’s worth applause.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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