Royal Enfield 350X and 350X ES walkaround video

Days ago, Royal Enfield launched cut price variants of the Bullet 350. Called the 350X and the 350X ES, these motorcycles are significantly cheaper than the regular STD350 and 350 ES models. While prices of the Royal Enfield Bullet 350X starts from Rs. 1.12 lakhs, the 350X ES is priced at Rs. 1.27 lakhs. This is about Rs. 9,000 cheaper than the STD350 and the 350 ES trims. Royal Enfield has also cut maintenance costs of these motorcycles significantly by increasing the service intervals. This change has been possible thanks to usage of semi-synthetic oil (which lasts longer) over mineral oil. There are a bunch of stylistic changes on these motorcycles. You can know all about this, and more through the video we’ve lined up for you. Check it out.

In terms of stylistic changes, both motorcycles get new paint schemes and blacked out engine cases and wheel rims. Mechanically, both motorcycles are unchanged. What this means is, they use 346cc four stroke engines with 19.8 Bhp-28 Nm outputs and five speed manual gearboxes. While one engine gets only a kick starter, the other (one on the ES model) is equipped with both kick and electric starters. This engine is a tried and tested unit that has been around for more than a decade now.

Royal Enfield debuted this engine in the Thunderbird TBTS, way back in 2008. This long stroke, air cooled single used hydraulic tappets and a carburetor. Known for its solid low end torque, this engine is best enjoyed at speeds of about 80 Kph, when it’s at its smoothest. If ridden with a light wrist, this engine can actually return 40-45 Kmpl even in city traffic. Its steady thump is what drives customers towards it.

Royal Enfield 350X and 350X ES walkaround video

The Bullet 350X and 350X ES models get single channel ABS as standard while suspension consists of telescopic front forks and twin gas charged rear shock absorbers. While there’s a disc brake up front, the rear wheel is braked using a drum brake. Meanwhile, Royal Enfield is working on Bharat Stage 6 (BS6) emission norms compliant motorcycles, which will use a brand new platform.

The new platform will also herald a new 350cc-400cc air cooled engine for use in the next generation Classic, Bullet and Thunderbird models. The new platform will see the use of a new frame and better cycle parts, and the new bikes are likely to make a debut by the end of this year or early next year. Seen in that light, the cut price Royal Enfield Bullet 350s could be a part of stock clearance in anticipation of the BS6 models.