Royal Enfield 650 Endurance looks SHARP

Royal Enfield is the most preferred brand by the modification garages in India and around the world. The classic design of the Royal Enfield bikes serves as a solid platform for the modders. The newest bikes from the brand – the 650 Twins have also caught up with the trend and there are numerous excellent looking examples of the bike around the world. However, there are a few designs which are yet to become a reality.

Royal Enfield 650 Modified

Here is one such design from Obiboi, which is a digital rendering and looks extremely sharp. The motorcycle rendering is based on the Royal Enfield 650. Since the whole bodywork has been stripped and a new body has been added to the bike, this modification can be done to the Interceptor and the Continental GT 650. The changes done to the bike are massive though and it will require quite a work to transform the stock bike to this level.

The stock Royal Enfield Interceptor and the Continental GT 650 get the dual suspension set-up in the rear. This bike seen here gets a monoshock, which requires alteration of the chassis by a great deal. The monoshock adds a great look to the bike overall. The bike also gets a semi-fairing at the front, which ensures a sharp look. The sleek fairing extends from the headlamp and gets a visor on top, which will be extremely helpful to cut through the wind at high speeds. The classy looking tank of stock bikes has been updated to a new, creased version. A small branding on Royal Enfield can be spotted on the side. Even the handle of the bike is new looks like a clip-on system. There are carbon fibre inserts on the fairing, engine cowl and front fender. The addition of the carbon fibre texture makes the bike look even better.

The bike only gets a place for the rider now and the tail gets a good looking cowl. The tail lamp set-up is integrated into the tail itself, which gives a tidy look to the bike. The other major change in the bike seems like the upgraded exhaust system, which is positioned much higher than the stock version of the bike. The shiny engine has been left untouched, which adds the true classy look to the machine. Royal Enfield only offers spoked rims with the Interceptor and the Continental GT 650. However, this bike gets aftermarket alloy wheels with Michelin branded tyres. The braking system has also been upgraded.

Overall, the bike looks extremely good and these changes can be done by an experienced professional. Yes, it will require a lot of customised parts and fabrications but it sure can take away all the attention on the road.