Royal Enfield rider saves the day for an Ambulance: Makes way through heavy traffic [Video]

Emergency vehicles like Ambulance are fitted with loud hooters and beacons so that the oncoming traffic knows that an ambulance is approaching and makes way for it. Things are a bit different in most parts of India though, where emergency vehicles like ambulances do not get a clear way for passage. There have been numerous cases across the country where an ambulance was not given way in traffic resulting in complications to the patient and even death in extreme cases. However, there are some good samaritans who come forward and save the day in such cases. The video below by ncr bikerz shows a similar incident where a Royal Enfield rider is seen clearing the way for an Ambulance in heavy traffic.

Apparently, the video is from Delhi, a city which has one of the highest number of cars plying on roads in India. Crawling traffic and jams are commonplace in the national capital due to the sheer number of vehicles that are running on the city asphalt. The video starts with the Royal Enfield bike rider crossing the Ambulance in a jiffy. He then starts asking other four-wheeler and three-wheeler drives to move their vehicle to one side and make way for the ambulance. Going by the condition of traffic shown in the video, the ambulance would have had to crawl its way all the way to the hospital. For patients who need immediate medical care, time is a major factor and the later they get medical assistance, lesser are the chances of their survival.

Therefore, the Royal Enfield biker in this video probably saved somebody’s life who was in dire need of professional medical assistance. Due to his attempts to clear the traffic, the ambulance had a near free run and was able to move swiftly. In developed countries, people make way for emergency service vehicles like ambulance, police cars, and fire engines among others if they have turned their sirens and beacons on. Basically, such vehicles are equipped with sirens and beacons so as to let the traffic know of an emergency situation. An ambulance only fires up its beacons and sirens if it is going to pick up a patient or is carrying one to the hospital.

Royal Enfield rider saves the day for an Ambulance: Makes way through heavy traffic [Video]

In states like Kerala, numerous videos have surfaced in past which show ambulances driving through traffic-ridden roads pretty easily. A few years back, one particular video caught the attention of many as it showed how differently the people of Kerala handle the ambulances by giving it way as soon as they hear the sirens even when in middle of a festive celebration. The scene is changing across the country as more and more people are being made aware of basic road courtesies.

To let you know, blocking an emergency vehicle like a police car, ambulance, or a fire engine is illegal by law and the culprit can be fined or put in jail for doing so. Moreover, under the amended Motor Vehicle Act that came into effect from September 1, a driver can be fined Rs 10,000 for not giving way to emergency vehicles like ambulance and fire brigade.