Watch the Great Khali riding a Royal Enfield Classic & a Bajaj Pulsar [Video]

The Great Khali of the WWE fame has returned to India post his retirement from the American Professional Wrestling program. He opened a professional wrestling school known as Continental Wrestling School in Punjab in 2015 and is spending most of his time teaching kids about professional wrestling. To promote his academy, the Great Khali has released two new videos in which he can be seen riding on the Bajaj Pulsar and Royal Enfield Classic.

The Great Khali is extremely tall and in 2014, he was the eight tallest professional wrestler in the history. He measures 7 feet 1 inch in height and looks massive. The Great Khali can be seen riding on the Bajaj Pulsar and the bike looks like a small cycle under him. Khali can be seen driving on the roads with the Pulsar before entering a place and parking his bike there.

The video is more about his wrestling school than riding the bike but it is quite fascinating seeing such a tall, heavily built person sitting on a regular motorcycle like Bajaj Pulsar. There is a second video that shows the Great Khali riding on a Royal Enfield Classic. The video shows a different video being shot for which the Great Khali rides the Royal Enfield Classic multiple times on a driveway of a house.

Watch the Great Khali riding a Royal Enfield Classic & a Bajaj Pulsar [Video]

Even though Royal Enfield motorcycles are known to be more suitable for people who have a heavy built, even the Classic bike looks like a small toy with Khali on board. It looks extremely puny. For someone who is as tall as the wrestler, bigger bikes like the Harley-Davidson CVO or Ducati Multistrada would be the perfect fit.

Khali has not been seen much with vehicles in his lifetime. A decade back, a video of him driving his Tata Sumo surfaced online. The Great Khali could barely fit inside the Tata Sumo properly. Most of the cars and motorcycles are built to accommodate the customers who have the average height and weight. Extremely tall or heavy customers can find it difficult to fit on the regular vehicles. However, there are vehicles and motorcycles that can be used by tall people without much problem.

The Great Khali, who is an inspiration to many has been seen riding without a helmet on the public road on the Bajaj Pulsar. While he may have ridden the bike only for a small distance, it is extremely important to wear protective gears or at least a helmet while riding on the public roads. It is illegal to ride on the public roads without a helmet in India. While Khali may look interesting on a motorcycle, we would have loved if he took an effort to wear a helmet to send the right message to the youths who follow him closely.