Royal Enfield-based Carberry ‘Double-Barrel 1000’ motorcycle launched in India

Carberry Motorcycles has launched the Double-Barrel 1000, a 1000 cc V-Twin bike with Royal Enfield parts.  It is priced at 7.36 lakh rupees, making it the cheapest 1000cc bike in India. The bike will take on the Harley Davidson Sportster 883 range of cruisers.

Royal Enfield-based Carberry ‘Double-Barrel 1000’ motorcycle launched in India

Carberry Motorcycles, first founded in  Australia engine-builder Paul Carberry, also sells the engine to people who want to fit it on their Royal Enfields. The engine is priced at 4.96 lakhs. The bike’s engine is an air cooled, 55 degree V-Twin. Outputs are said to be around 53 PS and 82 Nm. The gearbox is a 5 speed unit and the bike also gets fuel injection and ABS. The frame is also an all-new unit, built specifically for the larger engine.

In terms of design, the Carberry Double Barrel 1000 looks like a 1,000 cc V-Twin version of the Royal Enfield Classic, with a lot of interchangeable parts. This is also why Carberry is selling these engines to existing Royal Enfield owners in India. However, it is still unclear as to how modified Royal Enfields with the larger engine will be registered in India given the fact that engine swaps require costly ARAI clearances.

Royal Enfield-based Carberry ‘Double-Barrel 1000’ motorcycle launched in India

Meanwhile, the bike will be built out of a facility in Bhilai, Chattisgarh, by a company called Dream Engines Manufacturers (DEM), formed by Jasprit Singh Bhatia and Paul Carberry, in 2016. DEM expected to sell around 100 bikes by the end of 2018, which clearly indicates that DEM is India’s first boutique motorcycle manufacturer. The bikes will be assembled on a bench assembly line with a technician working on one bike at a time.

The first batch will consist of 29 motorcycles, with the booking amount pegged at 1 lakh rupees.  The bikes will also be exported to international markets. The exact specifications of the bike will soon be revealed. Deliveries will take between 5 and 10 months. Notably, there’s another similar 1,000cc V-Twin engine built for the Royal Enfield. It’s called the Musket 1000, and is built by Aniket Vardhan in the United States. It’s priced similar to the Carberry motor, at US$ 6,990 or Rs. 4.56 lakhs.

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