Royal Enfield biker couple from Chennai on Leh-Ladakh trip shot in UP; Husband now DEAD

Road trips to the mountains are meant to be fun, especially if it is a biking trip to Leh-Ladakh. The breathtaking views and the whole riding experience is something that should be experienced by all riders, atleast once in their lifetime. One such trip for a newlywed couple from Chennai turned very sour when the husband, Aditya Kumar, who was riding the Royal Enfield was shot while travelling through UP.

What happened?


Aditya Kumar and his wife, Vijaya Lakshmi, had set out on a Leh-Ladakh riding trip, along with a friend (Shyam). They had rented 2 Royal Enfields for the same. Their trip was fun and uneventful, till they entered Uttar Pradesh (UP). They were on their way back to Delhi, to return the bikes when goons on a motorbike shot Aditya in the face with a handgun and sped away. The incident took place on the NH 58, just outside Muzaffarnagar while they were heading from Haridwar to Delhi. They assailants only fired a single shot.

While Aditya had a massive gash on his face, VijayaLakshmi also sustained injuries to her hands and legs. Initially, it was reported that Aditya was not seriously injured. However, the latest report states that he died of his injuries in a private hospital in Meerut on Friday.

Her account:

Vijaylakshmi had the following to say about the incident:

“Both men had full-face helmets so we could not see what they looked like. We have no idea why they targeted us. They did not try to harm me or take our cash and belongings. There was also no cause for road rage. Perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity .
As I fell from the motorcycle, I saw that my husband had been shot. Everything happened in less than 20 seconds. I could not note down the registration number of the attackers’ motorbike. Shyam was there to help us and passersby soon came to our assistance

While the police are investigating the matter and have asked to see CCTV footage from nearby hotels and buildings, there has been no headway in the case yet. There is no clarity on why the shooting took place in the first place, since they were not robbed. Such incidents have been known to occur in the state, but mostly at night with the motive to rob. It is rare to come across such an event occurring in broad daylight, that too without any  clear motive.

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