Royal Enfield Bullet rider with aftermarket exhaust escapes from the cops: Caught & FINED Rs. 32,500

Royal Enfield has become a cult motorcycle brand name in India. Most of the Royal Enfield motorcycle owners modify their rides and one of the most common modification is the installation of the aftermarket exhaust in the bikes. Aftermarket exhausts create a louder noise but they are illegal on the road and are prohibited by the MV Act. This Royal Enfield rider from Haryana continued to ride his Bullet with the modified exhaust and the cops caught him in the act of making loud thuds on the road and fined him a huge amount.

The incident happened in Gohana, Haryana where a Royal Enfield rider was caught making a loud noise, most commonly known as “patakha” from his bike. The cops spotted him without a helmet and making the noises. The cops flagged him down and asked him to stop but the rider escaped from them after speeding away. The cops then circulated the information to the other check posts in the vicinity.

The Royal Enfield Bullet rider was spotted by the other cops soon after and was then caught on the spot in the middle of the road. The cops then took out his keys to ensure that he cannot escape from the cops. The police officers present at the spot then asked for the documents of the bike. The rider could not present any document that proofs that he is the real owner of the vehicle. The cops then checked for other irregularities in the bike including a defective rear number plate and aftermarket exhaust and handed a combined challan to the rider.

Royal Enfield Bullet rider with aftermarket exhaust escapes from the cops: Caught & FINED Rs. 32,500

The challan amount of Rs 32,500 consists of riding without a helmet, no registration certificate, no driving license, no insurance, no pollution under control certificate, aftermarket exhaust and faulty rear number plate. It is not known of the bike has been seized by the cops.

In India, the new MV Act was implemented recently and all the fine amounts were raised by a great number. The new laws were brought in to ensure that the motorists follow the rules and bring down the overall number of accidents on the roads. The Bullet rider was fined under the new MV Act, which is why the fine amount was so high. In the past, many bikers were challenged more than the value of the vehicle due to multiple challans. A biker in Delhi even set the bike on fire out of frustration!

It is extremely important to follow the traffic rules in India to avoid accidents. India has one of the highest numbers of accidents in the world and most of them turn out to be fatal. The new laws have been put strongly opposed by the motorists but it is extremely important to follow the rules and be aware on the roads.