Royal Enfield Bullet beautifully modified into a chopper [Video]

Royal Enfield motorcycles are quite popular in the modification circle. These motorcycle act as perfect donor bikes for several modification projects and we have seen examples of the same online. Roya Enfield motorcycles can be transformed or modified into variety of body styles like scrambler, cruiser, bobber, Cafe racer or even chopper. We have featured some modified Royal Enfield motorcycles on our website in the past and here we have one such video where a Royal Enfield Bullet has been beautifully modified into a chopper style motorcycle.

The video has been uploaded by Vampvideo on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about all the changes that were made to the motorcycle and also the time taken to complete this project. It does not look like a Royal Enfield anymore. The motorcycle has been completely transformed. The front now gets all black multi-spoke alloy wheels. The wheels are wrapped in chunky looking tyres.

The whole bike gets matte Olive green paint job with black and chrome elements. The front forks are finished in chrome and aftermarket turn indicators are placed n either side of the forks. The rake angle on the motorcycle has been modified to achieve the chopper like stance. The motorcycle also gets aftermarket headlamp unit which is placed between the forks.

Royal Enfield Bullet beautifully modified into a chopper [Video]

The stock handle bar on this motorcycle has been changed for a custom made unit. Even the handle bar is finished in chrome. The original fuel tank on this motorcycle has been replaced for an aftermarket unit. There is Harley Davidson stickers on the fuel tank as well. Coming down, the engine has been completely finished in black instead of chrome. The air filter intake pipe and the exhaust are however finished in chrome. The stock exhaust has been replaced for a custom made unit.

As this motorcycle is being modified as a chopper, the seats on this motorcycle has been customised as well. The seat is placed very low and the position of the foot pegs have also been repositioned. This has been done to offer a relaxed riding position to the rider. Major modifications on this motorcycle has been done to the rear. The swingarm on this motorcycle has been customised to accommodate the wider wheels. The rear gets a wider 300 mm tyre which completely changes the look of the bike from rear.

The rear suspensions are neatly placed under the seat. It looks like the sprocket on this motorcycle has also been changed. There is a pillion seat but, we highly doubt the practicality of that the seat. It is comfortable for one person at a time. The front and rear gets custom made metal fenders. The rear fender exposes the wide rear tyre.

Vlogger is seen talking to the person who customised the bike in the video. He can be heard saying that these projects take a lot of labour and time and they have literally strip the bike down completely and then build from scratch. Such projects take around 90-120 days depending upon the modifications opted by customer.