Royal Enfield Bullet riders try to jump over a dune: FAIL & fall [Video]

Ever saw Motocross racing on the television and wondered how do they make the motorcycle jump so high? You probably have and probably you wanted to do it yourself too. Such attempts can go horribly wrong as seen in this video below. Here are two riders on a Royal Enfield Bullet who tried to make the bike jump and failed miserably. Here is what happened.

The video is from an unknown location and the riders were trying to make the Royal Enfield Bullet jump over a ramp, which seems to be a naturally-made dune. The short video shows the rider and the pillion on a Royal Enfield Bullet coming in at a high speed, hitting the ramp and gaining some air time. However, the bike dives in nose first and throws both the riders off it. It ends it in a horrible accident but none of them seems to have been injured. Both the rider and the pillion were not wearing a helmet.

Doing such stunts on regular road-going bikes by amateurs will defiantly end up in similar situations. The motorcycle motocross racing that you see on television is a result of years of training and a motorcycle that is equipped to do such things.

What went wrong here?

Royal Enfield Bullet riders try to jump over a dune: FAIL & fall [Video]

A lot of things. The motorcycle used by them is a Royal Enfield Bullet and it weighs around 190 kg. Most motocross bikes weigh around 100 kg, which is half of the weight of the Bullet. As many of us must have learnt, more energy is power is needed to launch heavier objects. The second mistake here is riding with the pillion. This puts even more weight on the bike and makes it even more difficult to launch.

The third and biggest mistake here is the suspension. Motocross bikes use stiff suspension that ensures that it does not absorb all the energy and launches the motorcycle into the air. The video shows the fork of the Bullet travelling as much as it can and absorbing all the energy. Also, the rear suspension is stiffer than the front in this bike, which is why the rear comes up higher in the air. Even if somehow, the rider had managed to gain more air, the landing would have been a disaster because of the soft suspension, which is tuned for the roads and not for doing such stunts.

Motocross bikes are specially tuned according to the weight of the rider to provide the best speed, agility and damping. It just cannot be done with a regular commuter bike, especially not with a cruiser bike. Preparing motocross bikes takes weeks and even months to find the perfect setting. So next time, you plan to do something like this, stop and think if you and the bike you are riding are capable enough to handle the situation.