MVD finds two Royal Enfield Bullets with same registration: Seizes the fake one [Video]

Using a vehicle with a fake registration number is a major offense. There have been many incidents in the past where people have been caught driving motorcycles and cars with fake registration numbers and documents. A recent incident comes from Kerala’s Pathanamthitta where the Motor Vehicles Department found two Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles in the area using the same registration number. One of them was using a fake number plate, and the police have finally seized the vehicle.

The video has been uploaded by Mathrubhumi News on their YouTube channel. The news report shares an interesting story about how the motorcycle got a fake number. A few days ago, Pathanamthitta’s Kadampanad Motor Vehicles Department was doing their routine checking in the area. While they were inspecting other vehicles, they noticed a Green-Coloured Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle passing through the road. The officers on duty spotted the motorcycle very late, and they could not stop it.

The rider was not wearing a helmet, and that is the reason why they wanted to stop him. However, the cops took a note of the registration number of the motorcycle and also clicked a picture. The registration number of the Bullet was KL 03 C 7433. They prepared an e-challan using the picture that was available and sent it to the owner. The owner of the Royal Enfield Bullet received the message about the challan and decided to visit the RTO for clarification. He also realized that the motorcycle seen in the picture is not his own.

The owner who received the message about the challan was using a Red-coloured Royal Enfield Bullet with the same registration. He explained to the officers that there was some confusion as he never passed through the area when this incident happened. He also mentioned that the motorcycle in the picture is not his. The officers were confused as they were very sure about the colour of the motorcycle that had escaped from the checking was Green. The officers checked the documents of the Red motorcycles and found them to be original.

MVD finds two Royal Enfield Bullets with same registration: Seizes the fake one [Video]
Red & Green Bullet with same registration number

They then started a search for the Green Bullet. The Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector of the area with his colleagues went to the petrol pump near the area where the motorcycle was first spotted. They got a clear view of the motorcycle and also the rider as he had gone to the petrol pump for refueling. Using the CCTV footage, the officers managed to locate the address of the owner and the Green Bullet. When MVD officers arrived at the residence, the motorcycle was parked in the porch, and the officers immediately recognized it.

When they questioned the owner, he mentioned that he had bought this motorcycle from a guy almost 4 years ago, and he had an old Registration Certification with him too. When the officers inspected the vehicle, they found that the registration number, engine number, and chassis number of the motorcycle did not match the ones on the RC. The officers seized the vehicle as they realized the Green Bullet was using a fake number plate for all these years. The police have now started an investigation to find out the person who actually forged the documents and sold the motorcycle using a fake number plate.

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