Girls’ stunt on Royal Enfield becomes viral: Cops issue hefty challan of Rs 11,000

Two women motorcycle riders in Ghaziabad became viral after recording a video of their stunt aboard a Royal Enfield motorcycle. The cops also found the video online and issued a challan of Rs 11,000 to the women riders. In a post, Ghaziabad Police wrote on Twitter that they have “rewarded” the women riders. Only a few days ago, the Uttar Pradesh Police issued a challan to a person who shared a video doing push-ups atop a Mahindra Scorpio.

The small clip of the video that has become viral on the Internet shows two riders in the same coloured tee shirts. One of them is sitting on the shoulders of the other while she is riding the Royal Enfield. The exact area of this stunt show is not known but the video shows that the roads were empty at the time and only a few people were walking. Nonetheless, it is illegal to do such stunts on public roads.

According to the official e-challan shared by Ghaziabad Police, they have charged the women on various sections. The cops have issued Rs 1,000 for driving a two-wheeler without a helmet, Rs 5,000 for “without written permission of state government racing and trials of speed in any public area” and Rs 5,000 more for “driving vehicles in contravention of Section 3 or Section 4”. So in total, a challan of Rs 11,000 was issued to the riders.

Girls’ stunt on Royal Enfield becomes viral: Cops issue hefty challan of Rs 11,000

We are not sure if the women will challenge the fines in court or will pay them. If you think that you have been issued wrong challans, then you can always challenge it in court and get relief or follow the orders.

Stunting on public roads

Doing stunts on public roads is illegal and there are good reasons for it. Doing stunts distracts motorists and can cause accidents. Also, the stunt can go wrong and major accidents can happen on the roads. It is always a good idea to find an empty spot to practice stunt and that too with proper safety gears and precautions. Youngsters should always take the help of the expert and can even enrol in a school or academy for safe practices of stunt and racing. Public roads can be unpredictable and can cause fatal accidents too.

The best way to practice stunting is to find an isolated place with an expert who can guide you or you can join schools that teach such things. It is always advised that one should start stunting with all the protective gears in place. Since there is a high risk of falling down from the motorcycles if anything goes wrong, it is always better to wear protective clothing, especially a helmet, riding boots, knee guards, elbow guards and gloves. These basic items will save you from a lot of injuries, especially during the slow speed falls during stunting.