1981 model Royal Enfield Bullet modified into a BADASS chopper [Video]

The Royal Enfield Bullet is an iconic name in the motorcycling world. It was one olf the first models that Royal Enfield manufactured on a large scale. A small trivia related to the Bullet motorcycles is that it is the oldest bike series that is in continuous production, crossing over 75 years of its production run. Even now, the Bullet model by Royal Enfield is quite popular in India and the 350 cc model shows decent sales every year. The current crop of Bullet bikes uses the same UCE engine which is used by other motorcycles like the Classic and the Thunderbird. The Bullet bikes are also quite popular in the modification circuits and joining the long list of drool-worthy modified Bullets is this custom made chopper based on an old model Bullet.

As seen in the video above by Modified junction, this chopper looks totally badass. It’s also quite large in terms of size which is a defining trait of chopper motorcycles. For the uninitiated, chopper bikes are one of the most extreme types of bike modification in which the bike is stretched to quite an extent by using lengthened forks and extended swingarms. They usually have flashy bodywork and paint job and carry powerful engines. This style harks backs its origin to the US and in a word, a properly made custom chopper will attract more eyeballs on the road than anything else.

Talking about this chopper here, it is called the Darknight by its owner and that’s because the whole build is inspired by bats. a proper look will reveal that the bike indeed carries a bat-inspired theme. To let you know, this bike is built on a  1981 model Bullet which itself enhances its value by several folds. Almost every component used on this bike apart from the engine and gearbox has been hand made by its modifier. It has been draped in a blood red shade and further gets black highlights, all of which emphasises on its bat theme.

Royal Enfield Mod Choppper

The front end has been fitted with handmade girder suspension setup and gets aftermarket rims, tires as well as a disc brake setup. The handlebars are huge units that are extended all the way back to the rider’s hand in true chopper style. An aftermarket speedometer has been fitted on the bike and the headlamps cluster has a unique design with a projector unit inside it. The tank piece, fairings, saddle and the rear fender are all hand made and carry the same bat theme which is the inspiration behind this bike.

According to the modifiers, this particular bike took around four months to get complete and the total cost involved in this mod job is around Rs. 2.75 lakh, sans the cost of the bike. It even gets a nice exhaust note which carries the distinctive thump of the old cast iron bullet engines.