Royal Enfield Bullet modified into a Ghost Rider motorcycle [Video]

Ghost Rider is Hollywood movie which got released in 2007. It became a popular movie and everyone noticed the motorcycle that was featured in it. Everyone who has seen the movie would remember the scene where the Nicolas Cage and his motorcycle which is a custom built chopper turns into a fire ball and transforms into a supernatural demonic soul hunter. We have seen several types of Royal Enfield modifications in the past but, here we have a Royal Enfield Bullet which is probably India’s first and only motorcycle that has been modified into a Ghost rider motorcycle.

The video has been uploaded by MACK RIDER on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger goes to a local garage which specialises in Royal Enfield motorcycle modifications. The owner of the workshop then takes vlogger to a place where he has parked all the motorcycles that have come for service and the custom built Royal Enfield Bullet modified to look like a motorcycle from Ghost rider movie.

The motorcycle has been completely transformed. The owner of the workshop mentions that the modification on this bike was done almost 5 years ago and it had come back for a service. The motorcycle does not look like a Royal Enfield motorcycle from any angle. The vlogger does not share detailed information regarding the bike in this video. The front gets a 190 mm wide tyre while the rear gets 300 mm tyre. The swing arm on this motorcycle has been custom made and the front fork have also been modified to accommodate the wider wheels.

Royal Enfield Bullet modified into a Ghost Rider motorcycle [Video]

The front forks are functional and the head unit of the motorcycle is all custom made in fibre glass. The tank is also a custom made unit. It gets a tear drop design but is different from the ones seen on Royal Enfield motorcycle. The foot pegs are all repositioned and the ride height on this motorcycle is very low when compared to regular Royal Enfield Bullet. The stock handlebar on this motorcycle has been replaced with a custom made unit which is similar to the original Ghost rider bike. The seats on the motorcycle are very wide and the engine area gets fibre glass molded structures which make it look like a twin cylinder chopper.

As we move to the rear, there is a wide custom made fender at the rear which covers the 300 mm wide rear tyre. There are disc brakes on both ends and a set of auxiliary lamps have been placed on the handlebar that act as a headlights at night. The work done on this motorcycle looks very clean and the fact that even after 5 years, the motorcycle looks neat is a testimony to the quality of work that was done on it. Such modifications definitely look good but are not road legal. These can be exhibited at motor shows but, if you ride it on the road, it will definitely attract crowd and cops. The original Ghost rider bike used in the movie was actually a custom built chopper which was built by a garage in Australia. The bike was 11 feet long and the shell was made from fibreglass. It was also not a road legal motorcycle